Jul 6, 2006

Piercing record smashed

Piercing record smashed

Matt Robison of Ottawa entered the record books on Saturday after being pierced 1,016 times in one sitting.Matt, a hairdresser, and his piercing bud Charlie Wilson, were reportedly hoping for a massive 3,000 piercings this time round.

Matt doesn't seem concerned though: "When the rings are all in it feels as if I’m wearing body armour," quotes the rag.

The event was recorded on video to be sent to the record verifiers at the Guinness Book of World Records, and everyone who watched the piercings signed a log that is being mailed with the video.

Before Saturday, Robison had 26 piercings on his body. After the record was set Saturday, 1,015 of his new piercings were removed, leaving one in his body -- the record breaker.

Piercing record smashed

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More hardware than a Home Depot.