Jul 18, 2006

Top 10 Strangest Computer Mices

Techeblog have published a list of the Top 10 strangest computer mices. Computer mice come in all odd shapes and sizes so they decided to compile a list of the ten strangest that they have come across.


Sony VN-CX1 Mouse Phone

1. Foot Mouse

Put simply, the Foot Mouse is the strangest we’ve seen. One pedal controls movement while the other is for the clicks. Pedals are made from an injection molded plastic shell and feature a “360-degree, pressure sensitive mechanism”.

2. CP-1 USB Spy Mouse

Keep a close ear on your computer with the CP-1. Hidden inside this otherwise normal looking mouse is a condenser microphone - capable of picking up on any nearby conversations. It measures 53 x 95 x 35 mm and weighs just 75g.

3. Powerglove Mouse

Zerosign managed to convert an old Nintendo Powerglove into a fully functioning computer mouse after countless hours of wiring and hacking.

4. AMG Helmet Optical Mouse

SolidAlliance Japan presents an innovative new wireless optical mouse with a design inspired by Jean Alesi’s AMG-Mercedes Helmet.

5. NES Controller Optical Mouse

Most optical mice are boring, not this one. To make your own, you’ll need an NES controller, optical mouse, dremel tool, lots of glue, soldering gun, and four-five hours.

6. Mouse Phone

This nifty device combines both telephone and mouse into a very uncomfortable looking design. Who really wants to rest their palm on a keypad when surfing the web?

7. Mus2 Cursor Mouse

Breaking completely from the typical design for computer mice, Art. Lebedev’s Mus2 is unique to say the least. This cursor-shaped optical mouse has 800 dpi optical sensor resolution, up to 2300 fps frame speed, and is compatible with all Windows/Mac OS X systems.

8. Mario Bros Computer Mice

Available in either Mario or Goomba characters, these mice feature a 400dpi mechanical ball, USB support, and are compatible with Windows/Mac systems.

9. Street Mouse

Available in a candy red color, this BMW-styled “Street Mouse” features always on headlights and tailights that illuminate with movement. Other perks include chrome wheels, tinted windows, and 800dpi optical tracking.

10. Zero Tension Mouse

Looking more like a joystick, this USB mouse features the basic functions (scroll wheel, right/left mouse buttons), digital optical tracking, and comes in medium/large sizes. It measures 4.5 x 3.4 x 5.6 in. and is compatible with MAC/PC computers.

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