Aug 30, 2006

Be the first on to ride it - The voyage Roller Coaster

Wooden Roller Coaster Voyager
Just looking at that image, that one spot ,between my belly button and my knees, really flips!

From the Auction:
Love wooden coasters? With plenty of twists and turns, tunnels and steeply banked track? …and more air-time that any other wooden coaster on the planet? (Air-time is that feeling of weightlessness also known as negative gravity.) Then you’ll want to be sure to bid on this Dutch Auction for 28 riders to arrive one hour early on opening day, May 6, and be among the very first to ride The Voyage at Holiday World Theme Park in Santa Claus, Indiana!

The Voyage is 1.2 miles long, making it one of the top-three longest wooden coasters in the world! It has five underground tunnels plus three sections of 90-degree banked track! With three 100+ foot drops and top speeds approaching 70 miles per hour, this is one fantastic Voyage you won’t want to miss! Top bidders get to choose their seat position on the train for their first ride.


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