Aug 26, 2006

The BOR-5 Space Shuttle

The BOR-5 Space Shuttle

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The BOR-5 Space Shuttle, first seen by the public in April 1991 at the "To The Stars" exhibit in Moscow, is a truly uncommon piece of history that is genuinely unique and exceptional. A collector's dream.

One of two remaining Shuttle prototypes used by the Soviet Space Program to test the design of the BURAN Space Shuttle. Own a piece of the PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE with this amazing example of the "Cold War Space Race."

The BOR-5 is a 1400 kg exact 1/8 scale model of the Soviet space shuttle Buran. The BOR-5 is 15'6" Long (17' w/trailer) X 9'10" Wide (wingtip to wingtip) X 5'10" Tall (8'10" Tall on trailer). It was used to validate the aero-dynamic characteristics of the Buran at hypersonic speeds, between 1983 and 1988. The BOR-5 was launched on probably five sub-orbital trajectories from Kapustin Yar, in the direction of Lake Balkhash, using SL-8 (Cosmos) rockets (Russian designation: K65M-RB5). BOR is the abbreviation for Bezpilotnyy Orbitalnyy Raketoplan (Unmanned Orbital Rocketplane). BOR-5 flights tested (amoung other things) carbon-based and quartz fiber heat-shield material paving the way for the Buran Shuttle.

Russian sources are contradictory as to the number of BOR-5 flights. An except from one report reads: " ... At an approximate altitude of 110-120 km height, the Cosmos booster pitched down, driving at full thrust for several minutes, accelerated the model to Mach 18.5 at 45 degrees, before separation. The craft landed using a parachute landing system after a flight of 2000 km.

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