Aug 30, 2006

The computer bed

The computer bed
If you’re living in a small space and need to plan every square inch of your floor, this bed might be suitable for your needs - in just 30 seconds or so you can switch between having a bed, or a nice desk. Useful.

This model of European Murphy Bed is in the popular computer bed format. We have manufactured this concept since 2002 without the advantage of a metal bed frame and wooden slat foundation. Now both are available here. Operation is from gas assisted pistons often referred to as intuitive in nature. In reality the gas piston dampens the natural action of weight transfer from bed to desk to bed. We love this transfer of responsibility. It is the Murphy Bed concept to perfection. In addition to the program layed out here in pricing and sizes, the Denver factory can customize this system to your personal design.

The computer bed []

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