Aug 22, 2006

Ecosphere - A bubble of life

ecosphere cool gadget Inside each EcoSphere is a model of long ago, in a time when life was beginning to form (or a model of our far future as we all live in glass bubbles in some extraterrestrial zoo). But seriously, inside you will find two forms of active micro-organisms (bright red shrimp and algae) existing in a clear "soup" of filtered sea water. Because the ecosphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance. The living resources within the EcoSphere utilize their resources without overpopulating or contaminating their environment, which means the EcoSphere requires no cleaning and only minimal care. EcoSpheres have an average life expectancy of two years. However, it is not uncommon for shrimp populations to be thriving in systems as old as 7 years. A whole world of life under your care – who said you weren’t responsible?


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