Aug 27, 2006

Flying Egg Alarm Clock

blowfly 1bblowfly 2b.jpg
Check out this cool alarm clock. There is one thing what makes me nervous. Where does this Mosquito-Egg fly when it can not wake me up (for example drunk sleep)? On my head? Or back on top of the alarm clock?

Under the theme „experience“, Blowfly is a design concept, which transfers the experience „beeing woken up by a mosquito at night“ into an alarm clock.

The project has been derived from the following experiences:
-Many sleepers go on sleeping after having switched off the alarm clock.
-Sometimes when we sleep, we get akwake, because of a mosquito that flies around us. its catching requires movement and concentration that prevents you from sleeping.



Anonymous said...

What the fuck is a flying egg gonna do to wake me the fuck up? Fuck this shit. Fuck y'all I'm going to Wal-Mart get me some MawFuckin' chicken!

Desktop Alarm Clock said...

A very intresting idea of this alarm clock