Aug 27, 2006

Foot Fetish? Cure it now


From the auction:

Yes, this auction is for a really unusual very large foot with red painted toe nails and a toe ring. The hull of the foot is fiberglass on a steel frame with a rubbery latex exterior that is soft like skin in the sun light. You can see veins on the foot also in sun!

There is a steel ladder inside of the foot where you can go down inside of it. There is a large lever that you can make the big toe move and there are small round wheels on springs hooked to the frame. With a little work this foot could be mounted on a small tractor or lawn mower. Now it is tied down on the trailer and ready for transport. What a great parade float this would make for a podiatrist! Also would be great for a shoe company for a display.

You could have your advertisement painted on it for your business or place it at your business. Could be used in a theme park, stage sets, theaters and what a great store display! All kinds of possibilities for this very unusual item. Foot measures 16' 6" Long, 8' 2" Tall and 6' 6" wide across back of the foot. The trailer is a 20 foot 2 axle pintle hitch trailer with tongue jack and lights. Trailer measures 8' Wide and 20' Long. We pulled this foot on this trailer around our town one day and you have never seen the reaction we got.

People were taking pictures with their cell phones and waving and questions at the red lights! We stopped at a local resturant and people stopped and had their kids and parents on the foot taking pictures.

Link to auction

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