Aug 28, 2006

He will pee your initials in the snow

Watch out, he is really going to do it ...

I will pee your initials in the snow, hopefully on Alaska’s Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley) up to 20,320 feet in elevation.

Here is the deal…

The highest bidder will get their initials peed in the snow at their bid amount in elevation. Example, if your bid is $17,399 then I will pee in the snow at 17,399 feet on Mt. Denali. I will have a picture taken of your initials peed in the snow, a picture of my altimeter, a photo looking out towards the scenery from that spot along with a copy of my climbing journal, which will mention your name and this crazy event. I may also include additional photos of the adventure, photocopies of my receipts, etc. to provide you with more proof that I actually did this.

If I actually obtain $20,320 or more and am required to do the deed at that elevation and the weather does not allow for my group to reach the summit of 20,320 feet then I will go as high as the weather safely permits and will do the deed. The group I am planning on going with usually always reaches the summit. There is also a camp elevation around 17,200 feet and I should definitely be able to reach that since I am planning around 26 days to reach the summit. So long as the weather allows and God forbid nothing wrong happens, I will be able to at least do the deed at this elevation.

There will be a minimum bid of $7,200 to get me to base camp elevation on Mt. Denali. If I do not reach a minimum of $7,200, then I will choose a place of my choice in Alaska and climb to the "bid elevation" and do the deed and provide the same information as stated above.

Time left: 3 days 11 hours
Current bid: US $15.50

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