Aug 26, 2006

One humongous, slightly used...


...of Calvin Klein underwear.

This theater prop was created by the famous costume designer, David Baca (Bette Midler's mermaid costume, etc.) for the 1990 stage production of Forbidden Planet. Used in the scene, Risk Trading, in which Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis wake up in bed together (the underwear) and negotiate contract points over their phones for an intimate encounter.

The underwear is hand-made, with true elastic waistband and reproduced in giant scale from an actual pair of Calvins.

This pair has travelled around the world and was last publically exhibited in Bangkok, Thailand.

It would make a perfect bed cover, tent, centerpiece for your next underwear party, or the perfect gift for the Jolly Green Giant.

We have not washed the underwear (because some people may like it that way), but feel free if you are the lucky high bidder on these pair of "widey whiteys".


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