Aug 30, 2006

Test your studly friends at the next BBQ with the Pink Grill

I bet at least one of them is all studly the one minute and screech flaming and clapping hands the other. My reaction would tend to the exciting, clapping hands excited guys.

We don't know about you, but we here at LOVE BBQ's!!!

We only get a chance to have a hand full of BBQ's a year, due to the lovely English weather, although when we do have them they are SO TASTY!!

The Scrummy barbequed steaks, the sizzling sausages, the slightly burnt burgers and chargrilled chicken! Mmmmm...Makes our mouths water just thinking about it!

Even better is that it is a twin grill, yeah we did say it, TWIN!

This barbeque is large enough for entertaining, small enough for easy transport, and unfolds in seconds.

Now load with charcoal, light and ENJOY!!


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