Aug 28, 2006

Wave your hand to control the light


If the ability to control something by simply waving your hand is the kind of power you're looking for, then you'll enjoy the new Mathmos Airswitch. Slowly passing your hand above the Airswitch will turn it on and moving your hand higher or lower above the Airswitch will brighten or dim the light. No more fumbling for the switch and bright enough to use as a bedside or desk lamp. The Airswitch also comes in two interesting shapes, both made from mouth blown glass. Choose either the evil scientist flask shape of the Airswitch 1 or the curvy colored Airswitch Tc. Also has these great features.

  • Move your hand above the light source to brighten/dim or turn off/on
  • Comes with A/C adapter
  • Made from glass
  • Available in two styles


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