Aug 25, 2006

Witch's Altar Box Satanic Occult Voodoo Magic Sideshow

The seller has a very sweet way to deak with possible buyers:

Q: are there directions with it?

A: Directions!!! You Don't Need No Stinken Directions!!! Just a good imagination... DC

This auction is perfect for you, just in case you need to put a hex an someone ... here we go:

~Wooden Box~
Inlaid Brass Stars & Moons On The Outside Lid Aged Picture On Inside Of The Lid Approx. 6in. X 4in.

~The Box Contains~
White Candle Rusty Antique Coffin Nail Mummified Alligator Snapping Turtle Claw Mummified Chicken Foot Aged Cloth Wrap For Foot & Claw Corked & Wax Sealed Antique Bottle Containing Cemetery Dirt & Toad Bone {Dirt was acquired from a rose bed at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood Ca}

Goat Horn Antique Challis Antique Oil Lamp Coyote Tooth Neckless ~

All Items Are Real!

LINK to the occult acution.

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