Sep 29, 2006

Austin Powers Fem Bot Movie Prop Dummy Original

Austin Powers Fem Bot Movie Prop Dummy Original

Scary little Doll

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Without the face this doll is perfect, wouldn't it be cool to scare your wife and pretend you have an other lady in bed with you when she comes home?

From the auction:

You are looking at a movie prop original. The FemBot of Jessica Kensington from the motion picture, Austin Powers 2, "The Spy Who Shagged Me".

This silicon puppet weighs approximately 30lbs and is the original that was used in the movie. All silicon skin with a fiberglass plastic shell interior for the face. Face is wired with lights inside the eyes and mouth area. Works with a 9 volt battery. Punched hair.

Comes with: Original dress used in the movie. Pull off silicon mask Black round wooden base with speedrail stand.

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