Nov 21, 2006

Airsoft gun with laser for big boys

Everything is better with laser

I am back at my computer and yes the first post after couple of days without blogging feels like a shot of heroin in your tongue. Believe me .. I know what I am talking about ;) Get ready for some exciting news - ---- Now back to that awesome looking toy for big boys - it's the Porsche of the airsoft guns:

his full-size battery powered submachine gun toy is one of the most full featured airsoft guns around... perfect for reliving your juvenile obsession with anything that shoots. Firing soft plastic 6mm airsoft pellets this gun sports a wealth of goodies including a real laser sight, electric crosshair gun sight, and a blue illuminator flashlight. You even get eye-protection goggles, rechargeable batteries and an AC wall adapter for charging.

Product Features

  • Fully Automatic Battery Powered Airsoft Gun Shoots 240 Rounds Per Minute
  • Spring Action Mechanism Shoots 6mm Plastic Pellets up to 150 FT
  • Aim with included laser sight or electronic crosshair gun sight
  • Configure with extended barrel or short UZI style barrel

Included Items

  • Airsoft Gun
  • 300 Rounds of 6mm Airsoft Ammo
  • Extended Barrel
  • Laser Sight
  • Electric Blue Flashlight Illuminator
  • Electric Crosshair Gunsight
  • Unloader Stick
  • Eye Protection Goggles
  • 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • 110 V AC Wall adapter for charging


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