Nov 11, 2006

The lazy skater

The lazy skater

For the lazy skaters

Not sure how cool that is but why not?

Unlike typical skateboards that require periodic pushing, this model is propelled forward by the principle of leverage from Newton's laws of motion, in which a fulcrum point underneath the skateboard allows you to raise and lower the board in a seesaw motion, causing the spring-loaded gearbox to rotate the wheels. Turning is achieved by leaning over your toes to turn in that direction or by transferring your weight to the heels of your feet to turn in the direction that your heels are pointing.

To stop the skateboard, weight is removed from the front of the board, causing the brakepad on the bottom of the back end to slide along the pavement. The skateboard has an adjustable steering system that is calibrated with a standard wrench to chang e the tension and turning radius of the skateboard to support different body weights.

The 7-ply deck is covered in grip tape, providing secure footing while allowing a range in movement to quickly transfer weight and the polyurethane wheels provide traction and a smooth ride. The push-free skateboard can perform many of the same tricks as a normal skateboard including powerslides, manuals, supremes, and jumps without requiring expert riding skills

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