Nov 17, 2006

Not naff at all wallet

Bet you would get grat reactions

I bet you would get some great reactions when you whip this wallet.

You're not still keeping your cash in a leather wallet, are you? How incredibly naff! That's the 21st century equivalent of dressing your fivers in flares and putting gold medallions on your credit cards. And you wouldn't want that, would you?

Different Styles

No, what you want is a Tyvek Wallet. And we should know, because as self-appointed arbiters of cool we know a thing or two about how best to hold ones folding - and that thing you've got stuffed down the back of trousers most definitely ain't it.

As you can see, these cool and quirky wallets resemble bits of folded paper. But not just any old paper; there's a newspaper, a computer printout and an airmail envelope. Clever, eh!

Needless to say, pulling a Tyvek out of your pocket will immediately mark you out as an international man of mystery: the airmail version is a snail mail classic but it also looks quite glam in a retro kind of way; the computer printout features that classic dot matrix font favoured by Cold War spies and genius mathematicians; finally the newspaper is covered in French, German and Italian text - great for fooling onlookers into thinking you're some sort of cunning linguist.

But Tyvek wallets aren't just about highly original looks. Tyvek® is actually the brand name of a unique material that's like a cross between paper, film and fabric. Lightweight yet amazingly strong, this miraculous stuff is breathable (so your beloved banknotes won't get all hot and bothered), yet it is water / chemical / tear / abrasion resistant. This means, unlike leather, a Tyvek Wallet won't start falling to bits after a bit of rough and tumble.

Tri-fold for notes and credit cards, Tyvek Wallets are ideal for storing scannable ID cards (such as Oyster etc) as the material is so thin you won't need to remove them. Best of all, these supremely innovative wallets are unlike anything else on the market. And that's what matters because Confucius* say: "Empty wallet that looks good is better than full one that looks rubbish." (*Bert Confucius, toilet attendant, Firebox Ltd).


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