Nov 9, 2006

Pink Gun can get you arrested

Pink Gun can get you arrested


This story makes me so aggressive - how can that gun be offensive? This just plain blows my mind ... I what kind of society are we living that you can get arrested for a pink comic fashion cut out fabric gun.

"The customs officer stopped me to let me know that if I was leaving the country through Birmingham then he was going to have to arrest me because I had a gun on my jumper. I know it isn’t best to argue with these sort of people but I had to question whether he had confused a pink fabric gun shape stuck on a jumper to that of a real gun. His answer – Some people wore t-shirts which had photo’s of guns in holsters or positioned to look as though they were guns sticking out of trousers (as it happened I had one of these in my bag. I wonder if I could have been done for concealing a t-shirt?

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