Nov 12, 2006

Victor Vasarely Pop Art Watches

Every now and then we feature some rare optical illusion gadget on this website. They are rare products, but give me much joy when I come across them! Op-Art pioneer Victor Vasarely was profoundly influenced by Bauhaus, constructivism, cubism and surrealism from the early days. He began his unmistakable geometric abstraction from the 1930's through his heyday of optical illusion of the sixties and seventies. Late in his career, Bulova Inc. produced a series of wristwatches with Vasarely's artwork on the dial and engraved signature on the case back. Very difficult to find, one of the more interesting models was the "Four Squares", which picture you can see below. A double-sided propeller-style seconds hand made this watch even more unique. This remarkable piece of art is surely something I would love to have in my inventory! If you like this optical illusion gadgets, be sure to check our Toys Category and browse through: Optical Illusion Nokia cover, Apple's Mighty Mouse, do-it-yourself dragon illusion, cube toy puzzle, and the Mirage hologram... You can find more on these watches on