Dec 4, 2006

C – Pen for busy people

Being very busy I have to read the documents and the contracts on the road and sometimes I have to memorize some stuff for myself. It is very hard to highlight it because the car is moving and it is difficult to write it down. The gadget that helped me with that was the C-Pen that I bought recently.

Its main function is to capture some printed text and memorize it. It is very easy if you like reading books and writing out some smart expressions and sayings. That is what I do except I do it with my contracts and documents.

All you need to do to make it works is just push the activation button on its side and then move the pen over the text you want to scan. It works just like a high lighter so it will be easy for you to find the text that you need. The text is stored into the pen's memory and it will be safe there.

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