Dec 4, 2006

Coffee cup with a special lock

When you work at an office you drink a lot of coffee during the breaks and not only. It is not very convenient to drink coffee from a plastic cup or something like that. What I did I brought a cup into the office so that I can use it to drink my favorite drink.

I was very frustrated when I saw my colleague use it and I have bought this wonderful gadget. This is a cup with real lock.

Well it is not actually a lock but it will surely stop anybody from taking your cup. That way you will be able to leave your cup wherever you want and nobody will take it.

It is not a lock and it is not something like a chain that locks it to a wall or something. The technology is much simpler. This cup gadget has a hole and you will not be able to drink from this cup without a special key.

You will not be able to drink from it because all the liquid will spill out if you try to fill it. (Logical) So the key just closes the hole and your coffee will stay in the cup and only your will be able to use it.

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