Dec 4, 2006

X-cuse Box

What is it? It is a savior for people who are too polite to end a conversation that they do not really want to continue. It will help you stop any conversation in a second.

This gadget is created for that part of people who don’t like to be cruel and do not want to offend their relatives. My sister Helen is always calling me every week and she would talk to me for hours and sometimes I do not really have time to talk so I need to end the conversation somehow. I did not know how to do that but recently I have bought this cool gadget that is called the X-cuse box.

This Box will create you any noise you need in order to end any phone talk. Even if the atmosphere in the room is quite and you are able to talk but you do not want to you can use this gadget.

All you need to do is get it out of your pocket and choose a background noise or a baby cry, anything you like and get rid of the annoying person.

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