Jan 9, 2007

Window Washer Claims Heat-Stroke

wwasleepA window washer working on a downtown high-rise building attracted a little extra attention Friday after he apparently fell asleep on the job.

The man, whom fire officials did not immediately identify, was cleaning the glass on the 20th floor of the Fifth Third Bank building on Church Street when several onlookers noticed he was not moving.

The man came to after firefighters sprayed him with the fire-hose to get his attention. The worker lowered himself to the sidewalk, where he walked over to an ambulance to be examined by paramedics.

Assistant Fire Chief Lee Berg eron said it “looked like he just fell asleep” but added that he couldn’t be certain. Three men who took possession of the worker’s equipment refused to comment, with one saying the man had “fought for his country, and had heat-stroke” and should be left alone. That did not stop his boss Ian Milldown from firing him on the spot saying, “He is a danger to himself”.

Nashville district Fire Chief Henry Booker said the worker was being taken to Baptist Hospital to be checked for a rapid heartbeat, but said he expected the man to be released shortly. Some have critisized the fire department as being too aggresive by spraying him with water, but a local police officer said, “We thought of tasering him to wake him up, now that would have been a hoot”!

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