Jul 24, 2006

Cool Perrier Shirts

Cool Perrier Shirts

Perrier is a brand of bottled mineral water made from a spring in Vergèze in the Gard département of France. Perrier is carbonated; its gas content is reinforced with the gas emanating from the spring.

Perrier is available in Europe in bottles of one liter, smaller bottles, and 33 cl cans. All Perrier bottles are green and have an instantly recognizable shape. It is one of the most common bottled waters in France. In August 2001 the company introduced a new bottling format using polyethylene terephthalate to offer Perrier in plastic, a change that took 11 years to decide which material would best help retain both the water's flavor and its purported "50 million bubbles."

Perrier now exists in a variety of flavours: unflavoured, flavoured with lemon and flavoured with lime. ( More about at http://www.usa.perrier.com/ )

NOW ..

How would you sell a product ? The best way to sell a product is to make good advertising.Look how Perrier made their bottles of water more popular with this ads.

Cool Perrier Shirts

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