Jan 15, 2007

Unique Video Glasses Offer Privacy To Porn Lovers

A Taiwanese company has unveiled its collection of sleek video glasses that turn film viewing into a private affair, at the world's biggest porn show on Wednesday.

The video glasses are a boon for porn lovers as they offer high level of privacy with complete viewing session in an inbuilt screen with audio through an ear piece.

AFP reports that the glasses were demonstrated at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo on Wednesday, shortly after their launch at the Consumer Electronics Show a short distance away in the Sands Exposition Center just a day earlier.

Victor Quitoriano of Body Care Resort coaxed said, "Our technology crosses over."

"The videos we showed there weren't porn, because we didn't want to offend anybody. Here, it's different. Imagine you can take your porn all over the place; in a plane or a train, but not in the car unless you are the passenger," Quitoriano added.

The video glasses are sold by California-based Body Care comes at a suggested retail price of $349 dollars but were discounted for many porn lovers.

Australian Zoo Cages Humans For Public Viewing

A zoo in Australia is putting humans on public display in one of its orangutan enclosures for a month-long experiment that's been titled "the human zoo." Groups of people taking part in the experiment will be locked in the enclosure during the zoo's opening hours for a week, and the public will be able to observe them through large perspex windows and live webcams.

As of Tuesday evening, six people had put themselves in the orangutan enclosure at Adelaide Zoo. Animal behaviorists will be studying the caged humans to try to find ways to improve the living conditions of captive great apes.

University of South Australia animal psychology specialist Carla Litchfield says she will live inside the enclosure for the entire month.

"Part of what I do at the zoo is to come up with activities for great apes and other animals, to stimulate them behaviorally and keep their brains occupied," she told ABC radio on Wednesday.

"I never know what it feels like, so a month in there will give me a good idea of the smells and sounds and what it's like to be stared at by thousands of people every day."

People who visit the zoo can vote for their favorite caged human if they have a particular preference.

According to the zoo, the project will also raise money for a new chimpanzee enclosure in South Australia state.

Farmer's Pigs Set Fire In His Home

A farmer's house in northern Serbia was set ablaze when three pigs broke into his house in his absence and destroyed the electric equipment. The incident took place on Monday when the farmer was out of his home and the three pigs broke out of their pen, walked into the living room and knocked over the television.

According to police reports, the burst television tube triggered off the blaze that spread through the house late evening in Temerin, 50 miles northwest of Belgrade.

Though no person was hurt in the blaze, the pigs responsible for causing the fire perished in the accident.