Nov 1, 2001

Accidental condom inhalation.

Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital, Meerut, India.

A 27-year-old lady presented with persistent cough, sputum and fever for the preceding six months. Inspite of trials with antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis treatment for the preceeding four months, her symptoms did not improve. A subsequent chest radiograph showed non-homogeneous collapse-consolidation of right upper lobe. Videobronchoscopy revealed an inverted bag like structure in right upper lobe bronchus and rigid bronchoscopic removal with biopsy forceps confirmed the presence of a condom. Detailed retrospective history also confirmed accidental inhalation of the condom during fellatio.

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The Stonehenge Pocket Watch

The Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Truly the most mystifying and inspiring monument in history, archeoastronomy, and architecture, Stonehenge stands today as witness to the indominatable human spirit and our collective quest to forever mark our place on this planet, in the universe and in time.

Now, you too can hold the legend and ageless wonder of Stonehenge in the palm of your hand by claiming The Stonehenge Watch as your own. By owning The Stonehenge Watch, you will quickly learn that Stonehenge is, at once, the oldest and newest way to tell time.

So take "A Great Leap Backward in Time" with The Stonehenge Watch!

Some may call it a sundial.

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Pet Larry

 Pet LarryOne click and....
 Pet Larry
He's a llama.
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Inspirational Scripture Shoe Inserts

Designed to aid in the daily prayer, meditation and growth of a strong spiritual relationship with Christ.

In-Souls™ inserts are designed to provide a tangible support to assist Christians to literally "walk in the word of the Lord." Worn in the right shoe, each one provides a related scripture and affirmation. To enhance the spiritual walk with God, the inserts help one to "stand" on His Word, meditating on it day and night. Inserts may be alternated daily to help cultivate the word of God in your life. Look for other In-Souls sets to cover a variety of topics – from trust, obedience, patience and redemption to marriage, work and body image.

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Death AND a fine

Seems a bit harsh

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Car copycat cautioned by police

David Honan in his Ferrari outfit
Mr Honan has vowed to carry on acting as a living advert
A street entertainer was arrested for obstructing the road after impersonating a Formula 1 car.

David Honan, 32, said shoppers in York were enjoying the act which sees him running around pedestrians in a Ferrari cape, holding a steering wheel.

But officers said they acted after he ran into the road causing two cars, including a police car, to brake hard.

Mr Honan, who was cautioned, said: "It's ridiculous. I have never been in trouble with the law before."

York has some terrific street performers and we enjoy them as much as anyone else but there is a line to be drawn when it comes to safety
North Yorkshire Police spokesman

Mr Honan, who runs his own street theatre advertising company, had been working for a Formula 1 shop in the city when he was arrested.

He had been making car noises and zooming about in between shoppers when he saw a car inching around the corner.

Mr Honan told BBC News: "I trotted in front of one which was going at tortoise speed because it was going through the crowd. It was getting lots of laughs.

"I was making all the noises. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and this police officer spun me around - he was so angry."

Mr Honan said he was arrested, taken away in a police car and locked up for two-and-a-half hours.

He said he accepted the caution rather than attempting to fight the charge in court.

Great job

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed that a man was arrested on Saturday for obstructing the highway.

"He ran out into the road causing two cars - one of them a police car - to slam on their brakes," he said.

"York has some terrific street performers and we enjoy them as much as anyone else but there is a line to be drawn when it comes to safety."

The Formula 1 shop that Mr Honan advertises told BBC News he did "a fantastic job".

Asked if he would carry on in the role, Mr Honan said: "If they ask I'll do it again. I'll just be checking my rear view mirror every five seconds."

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Surveillance Chips In Product Packaging?

The world's stupidest anti-shoplifting campaign Surveillance Chips In Product Packaging?
It seems Gillette have been doing it for a couple of years.

Gillette has been caught hiding tiny RFID surveillance chips in the packaging of its shaving products. These tiny, high tech spy tags are being used to trigger photo taking of unsuspecting customers!

The tracking system uses sensors hidden under Gillette shelves to detect when products are picked up.
Whenever a shopper picks up a packet of razor blades from a spy shelf, SNAP! A hidden camera secretly takes a closeup photo of the shopper's face. (And a second photo is snapped at the cash register to make sure the product is paid for!)

Gillette's spy shelves have been uncovered in England and we suspect they have been tested at various locations around the United States and other countries.

The Gillette spy shelf and the associated hidden camera application were developed at the MIT Auto-ID Center, during the time that Gillette VP Dick Cantwell was the head of the Center's Board of Overseeers. This industry consortium has produced documents, pictures, and video promoting the use of Gillette "smart shelves" to take secret photos of unsuspecting customers.

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Man with two penises loses wife

A German who persuaded doctors to give him a second penis has lost his wife after he showed her the result.
Biker Michael Gruber, 40, lost his original penis in a motorbike accident and doctors built him a second one using a mixture of skin, bone and other tissues from his own body.
The penis worked so well that he was even able to father a child with his wife Bianca, 25, and their son Etienne was born last year.
But Gruber was still not happy and asked doctors to repeat the operation and build him a better organ, to which they agreed.
However, before removing the first penis doctors said they needed to make sure the new tissue transplant was a success, and had to leave the first penis in place.
Dr Markus Kuentscher, a plastic surgeon at Berlin's Accident Hospital, said: "We left the old one attached until the new one is properly supplied with blood."
But when Gruber showed his wife his double penis, she went home, packed her bags and left.
From his hospital bed he said: "I've got two penises but no wife, but I am hoping when I get rid of one of the penises I will get her back."
His testicles are intact and will be connected to what is actually his third penis when doctors are happy the operation was a success.
His story was this week featured on a German TV documentary called The Last Penis Operation.
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sometimes you come across certain individuals and the first word that comes to mind is "idiot" are two i came across recently...

idiotthis guy isn't an idiot because he's on his way to jail...i call him an idiot becuase he has "fuck you" tattoo'd on his eyebrows...what inspired that i wonder? i always say that if you're gonna get a tattoo make sure its not something you're gonna be embarrassed to have later in when you're 50 or 60...but for some odd reason i kinda doubt this guy is gonna make it to his golden years...

this guy isn't an idiot in my book because of his stupid aryan tattoos (well, i guess he is now that i think about it)...this is another guy on his way to jail and he decided it'd be fun to resist arrest...the bruises on his face are courtesy of whatever law enforcement officer(s) he thought it was a good idea to take on. i get the impression that with a nose like the one this guy has he's been in a fight or three in his time and more often than not he gets his ass kicked pretty'd've thunk by now he'd know when to fight his battles and when to be a nice, passive little hitler wannabe...apparently that lesson was lost on this idiot...

btw...pic are courtesy of the smoking gun...

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Grow your own beer.

beer garden
You don't need to have a full beer garden. As you can see here , beer can also be planted in an ordinary vegetable garden.

IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD--Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer. But we don't all have the time, the space, or the know-how to grow our own alcoholic beverages. And with liquor outlets on practically every street corner, it's always been easier to pick-up a six-pack of Molson Canadian from your neighbourhood cold beer and wine store than to make that effort to plant your own. People will generally buy bottled beer out of convenience, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as the sweet nectar grown from your very own beer garden. And you should know that starting your own beer garden is as easy as a trip to the liquor store.
Grow your own beer.

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Sep 1, 2001

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunkSAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - Texas has begun sending undercover agents into bars to arrest drinkers for being drunk, a spokeswoman for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said on Wednesday.

The first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication, said the commission's Carolyn Beck.

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

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Mega Nipple Slip Compilation

Mega Nipple Slip Compilation
Nipple slips compilation ft. Tara Reid, Sophie Marceau, Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, Adriana Lima, Federica Fellini, Letitia Lezza, Naomi Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Sabrina, Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkings and many other less famous but funny slips..
Mega Nipple Slip Compilation

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Naked Dining

Naked Dining

Organisers specify no hot soup.

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Play Your Cards Right

Play Your Cards Right

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Boy Assaulted With Hot Potato

Hot Potato

Just an excuse to use this picture, really.

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Man to man attraction scent

Man to man attraction scentGay Love Spray

How to Find Gay and Lesbian Love booklet with every purchase of Gay Attraction Spray

MAN TO MAN Magical Attraction spray brings people to you. Spray it, go out & have fun. Can be sprayed on you or where you want Men to come to. Close your eyes, breathe deep, and image what you want, spray and then go out and do things to help bring the guys to you. Use on clothes or skin to get the Men.
Great as a pick up in clubs, bars, meeting places. Wear it daily and you will be surprised the number of Gay Men you meet and where you start picking up other men.
Warning: It will attract all types of people and you have to choose the ones you want to keep around. Use it, go out and have fun.
This scent is designed specifically for Gay Men. It was created after years of study to naturally help Gay Men Attract other Gay Men. It can be hard to find gay men and the man that you want. This will help attract Gay Men to you. Made from pure essential oils, plants, and delicate flowers in a pure spring water. No chemicals added. Created with love for enjoyment .
It is hard to find the perfect match or other Gay and Lesbians that you are compatible with. “How to Find Gay and Lesbian Love” Booklet was created to give ways different men and women have successfully found love and friendship. The booklet is filled with practical proven ways to find gay friends and lovers. It is most important to open yourself up and be who you want to be to find people that are similar to the great person that is inside of you. Do not change to be what others want or hide yourself away but enjoy what you like and you will find others that enjoy that too—just look around and express the wonderful unique person that is in you and you will find great friends.
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Catproof Your Computer With PawSense

cat surfing the Web?

PawSense is a software utility that helps protect your computer from cats. It quickly detects and blocks cat typing, and also helps train your cat to stay off the computer keyboard.

When cats walk or climb on your keyboard, they can enter random commands and data, damage your files, and even crash your computer. This can happen whether you are near the computer or have suddenly been called away from it.

This is for real.

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Long-term marijuana use may fog the brain

Long-term marijuana use may fog the brain
  • 21:00 13 March 2006
  • news service
  • Andy Coghlan

Long-term users of marijuana gradually become worse at learning and remembering things, a new study suggests.

“It definitely fogs your brain,” says Lambros Messinis, who led the study at the University Hospital of Patras in Greece.

Messinis and colleagues tested the mental abilities of 20 long-term users who had taken marijuana heavily – smoking at least four joints a week – for an average of 15 years. Their brains were rustier than those of 20 short-term users – who had averaged seven years of use – and 24 controls who had used the drug sporadically or not at all.

Long-term users performed worse in tests to measure memory, learning ability and the capacity to recall information. Asked to recall lists of 15 words that they had seen earlier, for example, the long-term users averaged seven, compared with nine recalled by short-term users and 12 by controls.

Long-term users found it very difficult to learn through new information given verbally,” says Messinis. “It’s not to do with lack of attention but more the encoding process of memory.” Separate tests to probe attention span found that long-term users were able to pick up information immediately, without trouble.

Initial ability

Although the study is retrospective – that is, the subjects were not tested on their cognitive abilities before they took up marijuana – the researchers are confident that the long-term users’ abilities were not significantly different from the other groups from the beginning. They used a standard test to estimate the long-term users’ original intellectual abilities.

Messinis gave subjects the tests at least 24 hours after they had last taken the drug, to make sure they were not still under the influence. “It wasn’t while they were high,” he says.

“Importantly, we don’t know if it’s reversible,” he says. To find out, he and his colleague plan to re-test the same subjects after abstinence periods of at least a month.

Nadia Solowij, at the University of Wollongong in Australia, says the new findings back previous work by her and colleagues, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2002.

“The authors appear to have used the same rigorous criteria for inclusion in their study and confirm that the duration of cannabis use progressively impacts upon cognitive functions,” she told New Scientist.

Journal reference: Neurology (vol 66, p 737)

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Cow urine touted as cure-all in India

NEW DELHI - Alongside life-size posters of Hindu nationalist leaders, Indian political activists can now buy lotions, potions and pills to cure anything from cancer to hysteria to piles — all made from cow urine or dung.

A new goratna (cow products) stall at the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) souvenir shop is rapidly outselling dry political tracts, badges, flags and saffron-and-green plastic wall clocks with the face of former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

“You won’t believe how quickly some of the products sold out,” says Manoj Kumar, who runs the souvenir shop along with his brother, Sanjeev, at the BJP headquarters in a plush central New Delhi neighborhood. “The constipation medicine is a hot seller.”

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A Word In Your Eye

Well hello ladies

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Jul 1, 2001

How to really confuse your party guests

How to really confuse your party guests
The way this all got started was that metamouse and i were sitting around at dinner chatting about what to do for the upcoming room-to-room party. We went through a whole bunch of ideas for room themes. And then — you know how, sometimes when you're bored, you look up and imagine what it would be like if gravity turned upside down and you got to walk around on the ceiling? (Does everyone have this daydream?) Anyway, we both mentioned it at the same time, and then it dawned on us that we could make it happen. Or a variant, anyway. I think sideways actually works better than upside-down, because then you can integrate real people into the scene in strange ways.
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Habitat for the Un-Tamed Spirit

Habitat for the Un-Tamed Spirit
Uses for these durable Spheres are limited only by ones imagination and include: healing, meditation, photography, canopy research, hunting & leisure.

Free Spirit Spheres can be hung from the trees as shown, making a tree house. They can also be hung from any other solid objects or placed in cradles on the ground. There are four attachment points on the top of each sphere and another four anchor points on the bottom. Each of the attachment points is strong enough to carry the weight of the entire sphere and contents.

The spheres are made of two laminations of wood strips over laminated wood frames. The outside surface is then finished and covered with a clear fibreglass. The result is a beautiful and very tough skin. The skin is waterproof and strong enough to take the impacts that come with life in a dynamic environment such as the forest.

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Art that sucks

This straw art is just too cool for words.



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Athletic pigs ham it up at Olympics

Athletic pigs ham it up at Olympics

Pigs can't fly, but they can run, swim and dive, as proven by contestants in the Pig Olympics.

Thousands of locals have made their way to Hongkou District's Heping Park to watch some 20 pig athletes from Thailand take part in sporting events over the past month.
The four-legged athletes battle it out in running, hurdles, jumping through a hoop, swimming and diving every day at 10am and 1pm.

About 1,500 people show up at the park every day to watch the games, most of whom are groups of primary students, said Yang Ying, office manager of the Bluesea Broadway Co Ltd, the event's organizer.

"These lovely pigs are of a special species that is good at sports by nature," she said. "They started receiving training soon after they were born and became professional athletes one year later."

Tan yizhou, an 8-year-old who hung the gold medal onto one of the champion porkers, said he would no longer take it for granted that all pigs are stupid and lazy.
"It's incredible. I never thought that a pig could be so clever, dexterous and versatile," he said. The games will run through May.

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Museum Of Bad Fads

Museum Of Bad Fads

Browse through the fun and fascinating fashion, collectible, activity and event fads of the last 100 years.

There are some horrors in here.

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Even the Pope has an iPod?!

Even the Pope has an iPod?!
Even Pope Benedict XVI has an iPod. Have you gotten yours?

Pope Benedict XVI has just gotten his very own iPod Nano! The 2GB white iPod Nano was given to him by the Vatican Radio people, and on it engraved the words, “To His Holiness, Benedict XVI”. And for the songs, they’ve downloaded the Vatican Radio podcast, and several classicals from musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

The head of Vatican Radio’s technical and computer support told Catholic News Service that when he handed the gift to the pope, he replied, “Computer technology is the future.”

Rock on, Your Holiness!

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Cave House For Sale

Cave House For Sale

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Instructional Yoga Videos For you and your Cat

"I admit I was depressed. Look, I'm a long-hair, but I'd see a black sweater lying on a chair and I didn't even care. Then I found "PURR-FECT YOGA" - and let me tell you "Cashmere, here I come !" - Binky
Instructional Yoga Videos For you and your Cat

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Music And Movement

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

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Wilderness Survival - Fire From Water

The basic idea is to take a piece of plastic wrap (Saran or otherwise) and form it into a "pocket", i.e. bring the four corners together.
The pocket is then filled with water.
The corners are then grouped together and twisted until the whole assembly resembles a sphere. This creates a makeshift lens.
Notice the upside-down foot in the "lens."

[technorati tags: , , , , , , ] - Pointless Sites

No popups - Or ads even - Just Pointless sites (and trolleys).

 Pointless Sites

You have arrived at Rounded Edge - the Premier Portal of Pointlessness...
Ever been told "Don't point! - it's rude?" - So why not bend your finger when pointing so you can then "blunt" at something or someone - you can be happy then as it will be "Pointless"

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May 1, 2001

Two-seater bike - for one

A Chinese man has invented a two-seater bicycle - for one person.

A Beijing bicycle shop owner invented this two-seater bike for one. It enables the rider to sit in different positions /Lu Feng

The rider can choose which seat to sit on depending on the conditions, reports the Beijing Youth Daily.

Luo Jianping, who owns a bicycle shop in Beijing, came up with the idea.

"Riders can change positions during riding, which is good for their health," he claimed.

Luo has applied for a patent and is looking for a manufacturer to produce his invention.

He added: "On the higher seat, you can save around a third of your energy, since your weight can push the wheels even faster.

"The lower seat is more suitable for the busy streets, as it's easy for the rider to stop the bike with his feet supporting him."

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Here's a blonde's answer on geometry test

Here's a blonde's answer on geometry test

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Penis Land?

 Pen islandPenis Land? Nope.

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I still don't understand this

How many people do you see?

I still don't understand this

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Razor Blade Soap

A real razor blade in a bar of soap. Be at the cutting edge of hygiene.

Razor Blade Soap


Order some razor blade soap here.

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Grandmother ran cannabis cookery club for neighbours

A retired restaurateur has admitted raising a kitty with other pensioners to buy cannabis which she used in her recipes for "medicinal purposes".

Patricia Tabram, a grey-haired grandmother, turned to the drug in an attempt to offset the effects of tinnitus, mild depression and pains after a car crash.

Patricia Tabram
Patricia Tabram

She began using it in soups, cakes and hot pots in her country kitchen and introduced others to the secret ingredient. Police raided her stone-built cottage in the village of Humshaugh, near Hexham, Northumberland, after a tip-off.

Tabram, 66, was formally cautioned in May last year for possession and cultivation of cannabis after 10in high plants were found growing in her loft. A month later she was caught with 242gms of the drug worth around £850 and self-seal bags for distribution to other people who she declined to name.

She told police that she had clubbed together with a group of elderly people to obtain cannabis for various medicinal reasons. Carl Gumsley, her defence counsel, told Newcastle Crown Court: "She had purchased it on their behalf."

Tabram admitted possessing cannabis with intent to supply and sentence was adjourned until March 11 to await reports from a probation officer and psychologist. She appeared in court in spectacles and a black cardigan and was remanded on bail with a condition of residence.

Wearing a woollen shawl in her well-stocked kitchen after the hearing, she said that she was writing a book entitled Grandma Eats Cannabis.

She said: "If they send me to jail I can finish writing my book about the merits of medicinal, herbal cannabis. I want people to know NHS medicines are poisoning them instead of treating their illness. If Jeffrey Archer can write a book in prison, so can I."

Tabram ran the Zodiac Centre restaurant in Edinburgh with her former husband and suffered depression after the death of her 14-year-old son Duncan in 1975. Her second husband died from cancer, she suffers from a lower back injury sustained in a road crash and also has arthritic knees.

She said: "Several friends found out my interest and how I liked to bake it in my food to help ease my ailment. I have taught others how to cook with it."

Tabram admitted to being scared when she first began travelling to Byker, Newcastle, to obtain the drug.

She said: "I had been going by bus to get small amounts at around £20 a time. It was all I could afford as a pensioner. It was used in the cooking. When I got a chance to get more and help out friends, I met a supplier. I hadn't asked them to contribute, they wanted the stuff to help them relieve pain."

Police seized the drug, along with diaries, nail scissors and books, at her home before she had time to distribute it to the people she says had put in around £150 each.

Tabram added: "The first time I had it, it was a friend who gave me a cannabis cigarette, but that only gives you a high for about 30 minutes. I researched it on the internet and found that if you took just a little bit of it with your food the effects last for five hours or more.

"So I started to make cannabis chocolate cake and that covered all the pain I had so well. I cook for everybody, all the neighbours, and I am teaching them so they can cook some of the things themselves.

"The most popular recipes I have are for lemon and lime cheesecake and chicken and leek pie. I want to publish a cook book with all of them in."

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Japan’s Very Own Air-Shower System

Japan’s Very Own Air-Shower System

By David Ponce

How’s an air-shower grab ya? Well, that’s exactly the sort of fun you can choose to subject yourself to if you happen to live in the Riche Tamagawa Riverside complex located in Tokyo’s Ota-ku. Located near the entrance, this “air-showersystem is meant to remove pollen, dust and other allergens from your person before you enter your immaculate sanctuary. It’s 2 meters tall and 90 centimeters wide, and contains 12 nozzles that pump air all over you for 20 seconds, presumably enough time to fluff you up real good.

An official of Mazya Housing that developed the condominium complex said that the apartments in the structure are selling well.

The person who came up with the idea to place the air-shower in the building suffers from hay fever. The company is now considering the possibility of developing another housing complex equipped with the air-shower system.

I’m not sure how well this would sell in the US, but if there a $4billion market for pet products, there’s got to be some love left for something like this.

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Bolivian women wrestlers

thanks to Gawker, we found the NYT's article on the fantastic Bolivian wrestling circuit, and the kick ass women who rule it...



"Wrestlers warming up in El Alto, Bolivia, near La Paz. Indigenous women, dressed in their traditional garb, are the stars of the increasingly popular bouts, Bolivia’s version of the World Wrestling Federation."

(Photo credit: Noah Friedman-Rudovsky/The New York Times)

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How to Dispose of a Goldfish That Has Died

When your beloved pet goldfish turns "belly-up" take these precautions as you escort him to the great beyond.

1. Use a mesh net to remove the dead goldfish from its tank.

2. Place the goldfish in a small box and bury it outdoors if you prefer. Be sure to make a deep hole so neighborhood pets won't get curious and start digging.

3. Place your goldfish on a saucer or wrap it up in tissue if you'd like to dispose of it the other way.

4. Go into the bathroom.

5. Slide the dead fish off the saucer into the toilet bowl, or throw the tissue-wrapped fish in the toilet.

6. Say a few words of respect to the dearly departed, if you wish.

7. Flush.

8. Wash your hands and the saucer (if you used one) thoroughly with soap and hot water.

9. Consider changing the tank water and cleaning the net and tank thoroughly if you have other fish or want to get a new one, in case your pet died of disease.

10. Ask your local pet store what type of fish tank cleaning product is appropriate for the net and tank, and clean the tank thoroughly.

Soap and cleaning detergents are hazardous to fish. Avoid using these products unless you're dying to officiate another fish funeral.
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Digital Trumpet

MDT In Case
It looks more like a machine gun.

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Mar 1, 2001

Dogblog - A blog about dogs tied to things.

Ordinarily I'd say something about these two being possibly related, but I can't get past the eyes on the right-hand one. Maybe it's just my monitor settings, but I never knew dogs could be goth.

Or maybe I did. Maybe I secretly knew, inside, all along.
A blog about dogs tied to things.
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A Gadzillion Things To Think About

Well just over 11,850 actually.

Some of them:

# Why can't they make newspapers that don't smudge? (Contributed by Don F.)

# Is it possible for someone to write an unauthorized autobiography? (Contributed by Don F.)

# How come you can't play games on a $3000 computer that you could on a $200 Sega? (Contributed by Slacker)

# Why does "X" go first in Tic-Tac-Toe? Why can't "O" go first for a change? (Contributed by Kenneth Mack)

# Why is it that moments after you sell something through newspaper classifieds you get five calls from people who swear they would have bought the item you just sold for triple the asking price? (Contributed by Kerry Diotte The Edmonton Sun)

# Why no matter what happens in one day the news fits perfectly into the newspaper? (Contributed by Don F.)

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Montage-a-googleMontage-a-google is a simple web-based app that uses Google's image search to generate a large gridded montage of images based on keywords (search terms) entered by the user. Not only an interesting way of browsing the net, it can also be used to create desktop pictures or even posters
Image montage.

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