Oct 3, 2006

Lesson: say and write

Everyday Fabulous with ikea

Ikea New York hosts a fabolous exhibition named “Everyday Fabulous Exhibit” They invite people to come and see how good design can transform the most ordinary day into something spectacular. More interestingly, their design team transformed NYC locations with Ikea. Great guerilla and great experience for people.





Other outstanding ikea outdoor ads over the years can seen here

Guerrilla marketing for Unicef

In Belgium, fashion chain C&A has run inside its stores a guerrilla marketing campaign to support Unicef. The initiative, created by Publicis Belgium, aimed at collecting money for the young victims of the recent terrible earthquake in Pakistan. As you can see from the pictures below, as series of clothes made out of Pakistani newspapers were hung around the store, featuring the message: "Is this the only thing homeless Pakistani children will wear this winter? Help them with a gift at the pay desk".


Guerrilla World Water Day II

Another guerrilla campaign for the World Water Day. Intermon Oxfam placed king size straws on the sewers of Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza with the message "Would you drink from this water? Thousand of people haven't got other choice."



The campaign is an idea of CP Proximity Live Spain

Ketchup against landmines: too strong?

A very strong communication idea by Publicis Mojo to support the CALM campaign (New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines). Open the ketchup small bags and discover the drama of landmines. Definitely impressive.


Guerilla against AIDS

To promote the use of condoms in Buenos Aires, Argentina the government covered the city's central Obelisk with a giant pink colored condom. It was part of World AIDS day on 1st December. (thanks Joel!)


The bowling city

Duval Guillaume Brussels has created a guerrilla marketing campaign for “Overpoort Bowl" a popular bowling alley right in the hart of the Ghent’s student neighbourhood. As you can see from the pictures, all kinds of round objects in the scenery were provided with 3 little round black stickers, representing holes. The effect of this is that all of the sudden any round object were transformed into a bowling ball.




Firefox Crop Circles

Firefox Crop Circles

Firefox Crop Circles

This was actually done by a group of students from Oregon State that are avid fans Firefox and all of it’s glory.


If someone is running out of ideas on where to place an ad, "sandadvertising" could be an option...




Swim suit

Strange swim suit.