Nov 11, 2006

The lazy skater

The lazy skater

For the lazy skaters

Not sure how cool that is but why not?

Unlike typical skateboards that require periodic pushing, this model is propelled forward by the principle of leverage from Newton's laws of motion, in which a fulcrum point underneath the skateboard allows you to raise and lower the board in a seesaw motion, causing the spring-loaded gearbox to rotate the wheels. Turning is achieved by leaning over your toes to turn in that direction or by transferring your weight to the heels of your feet to turn in the direction that your heels are pointing.

To stop the skateboard, weight is removed from the front of the board, causing the brakepad on the bottom of the back end to slide along the pavement. The skateboard has an adjustable steering system that is calibrated with a standard wrench to chang e the tension and turning radius of the skateboard to support different body weights.

The 7-ply deck is covered in grip tape, providing secure footing while allowing a range in movement to quickly transfer weight and the polyurethane wheels provide traction and a smooth ride. The push-free skateboard can perform many of the same tricks as a normal skateboard including powerslides, manuals, supremes, and jumps without requiring expert riding skills

Sand Storm in Iraq

Sand storms are also known as dust storms.This wind is usually caused by convection currents (which are created by intense heating of the ground), and is usually strong enough to move entire sand dunes. Air is unstable when heated, and this instability in the air will cause the mixture of higher winds in the troposphere with winds in the lower atmosphere, producing strong surface winds.Below are pictures of a very serious sand storm from Iraq.This was on 26 April 2005 but is worth a look, because nature shows us his amazing power.

Electronic message bra

Electric braFrom Dave Barry’s 2006 Christmas Gift Guide

If you are a woman who possesses a pair of bosoms, you are probably aware that men look at them from time to time (defined as ''once every .000000000003 seconds''). This is NOT because men are lowlife sex-addict hound dogs. It is a vital instinct that Nature has ``hard-wired'' into males because, back when primitive humans were roaming around being primitive, the very survival of the species depended upon the male's ability to accurately determine, when he entered a group, which group members were females, and which ones were other males, and which ones were trees. That's right, ladies: Next time a guy is taking a gander at your goods, do not be critical of him, because he is only trying to save humanity from destruction, which is also why he is buying you a mojito.

So if men have no genetic CHOICE but to look at women's bazoomage, the logical question is: Can you, as a woman turn this instinct into a means of improved inter-gender communication? The answer is, yes you can. You can wear this electronic message brassiere, which uses an exciting new technology called ''electric lights'' to flash actual letters on your cleavage region, thus forming actual words. Granted, these have to be very short words, such as ''HEY'' and ''WOW.'' But the important thing is, you will be communicating, and without communication, we are nothing more than primitive savages, enslaved by base physical wants. Let us buy you a mojito.

Actually available here (but it’s not cheap)

The Lego Three Wise Men

The Three Wise MenThe Three Wise MenThe Three Wise Men

Leo Dorst invents and designs in Lego. These are sketches he made about the Myth of the Nativity in the Christian belief. In the image The Three Mage Kings.

Our Daily Bread: Industrial Automation in Preparing Everyday Food.

Our Daily Bread shows us the behind-the-scenes look of how today’s food in Europe are prepared. It’s an eerie look at how industrial automation play a large role in preparing what we eat every day. Link

The Snake Man

The Jacks Of Bibbi held ten rattlesnakes by his bare teeth.

His previous record of holding 8 rattlesnakes by his bare teeth established in May 2001 and recorded in the Guinness Books of Records.

Jacks Of Bibbi fascination for snakes started in 1969 when he got 8 bites from rattlesnakes which are sufficient enough for hospitalization.

8 reasons why woman rather stay single

Cute heartbreaker

Nice pumpas

Stretching love

My choice

Calling for love

I am waitingOh lord

I am single!


Crazy Bunny Animation


I could watch this over and over again ... so cute.

Happy Queen, Sad Queen Illusion

Elliott Line sent me this nice optical illusion. You might have seen some similar with bank notes in the past. Remember Rupees Illusion? How about "The Queen Is Bald" one? If not, simply jump to our previous illusion tutorial. Elliot wrote: "Here is an illusion that anyone with a British banknote can do. By making hill-folds through the edges of the Queen's mouth and through her eyes, and then tilting the note back and forth, you can make the Queen appear happy or sad."

Spelling with Tabs.

Empty Bottles House

Have you ever wondered how a house is constructed and where its building materials come from ? Usually houses are builded from bricks, timber or modern houses from glass, and all kind of fibers.This house is a little bit unusual, because is builded from unconventional materials, and the main material used is as you see ... empty bottles of wine and champagne.I'm wondering how it looks from inside.

This house is not to practical, but is a good place to visit for tourists.