Jan 1, 2004

Anyone know where I can find ...

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$9 million Apple Store glass cube.

Apple glass cube
By AppleInsider Staff

The long-awaited deal for Apple’s sprawling subterranean store in the GM building was recently finalized—but only after landlord Harry Macklowe promised Steve Jobs he could take his big $9 million glass cube with him at the end of the lease, reports New York Magazine.

According to the report, Jobs personally designed the 32-foot-by-32-foot hollow glass structure that will mark the store’s entrance on the Fifth Avenue plaza. Over the past month, workers could be seen assembling the massive gemstone-esque structure, one narrow glass pane at a time.

“Steve Jobs felt that he created the cube so he owned it,” said Apple broker Robert Futterman, noting that Macklowe wanted it to stay put. “At the eleventh hour, that was the biggest issue.”

The report says that Macklowe aggressively wooed Jobs, flying out to California twice and offering the 24,000-square-foot retail space at well below market rent of $1,000 per square foot.

"At the end of the twenty-year lease, Jobs must replace the cube with a comparable structure before hauling it off."

The GM Building flagship Apple store is now slated to open next spring.

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How to rid yourself of telemarketers

There's the polite method.

Or there's the British way.

The second way is a WAV (audio) file that is a repost of one of my first ever posts and contains much anger and swearing.

Still makes me laugh every time though.

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£70m for a new house

Updown Court
Larger in area than both the royal residences of Hampton Court Palace or Buckingham Palace, this magnificent estate symbolises the grand and imposing presence of the Great Houses of England, yet employs state-of-the-art 21st Century technology to provide the ultimate living environment.
It has been more than two centuries since a private house has been constructed on this majestic scale, finished to such a sophisticated degree, or has offered such extravagant privacy.

It does have a heated marble driveway though.

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Afterlife Telegrams

For only $5 a word, you can have telegrams delivered to people who have passed away.
This is done with the help of terminally Ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed away. We call this an "afterlife telegram". The $5.00 per word fee, depending on the wishes of the messenger, it is either given to a relative, donated to a charity or used to pay for medical bills. The company does not keep any of the fees from the sale of the telegrams.
Since we can not guarantee delivery nor prove that a message has been delivered successfully, our customers do not pay for "deliveries". They pay for "delivery attempts". What we do guarantee is the following:
1) The messengers have memorized their telegrams before passing on.
2) The messengers have promised to do what can be done to deliver their telegrams to the addressees after passing.

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Tiger Chariot Racing?

This is disgraceful

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Message in a Bottle

Send them a message and they will put it in a bottle and drop it in the sea for you.
I think this is pollution.

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Rent A German

Rent A Germanrentagerman.de offers a wide range of Germans for your personal and social needs.
You can select the German of your choice for an exclusive lifetime experience:
Imagine to appear with your German at parties, family events, or just hang out with them at the local shopping center.
No matter which occasion you choose, you will surely impress your environment by presenting an original German.

You never know when you'll need one.
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The World’s First All-glass Undersea Restaurant

The World’s First All-glass Undersea Restaurant

The Maldives | 15 April marks the day that the first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in the world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. Ithaa* will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views.

“We have used aquarium technology to put diners face-to-face with the stunning underwater environment of the Maldives”, says Carsten Schieck, General Manager of Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. “Our guests always comment on being blown away by the colour, clarity, and beauty of the underwater world in the Maldives, so it seemed the perfect idea to build a restaurant where diners can experience fine cuisine and take time to enjoy the views – without ever getting their feet wet.”

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This guy supports Everton

That's Everton.

supports Everton

Perhaps the tattooist was a Liverpool supporter.

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