Jul 23, 2006

Highest tennis court in the World

The photos are taken when Andre Agassi and the world No. 1, Roger Federer, while having friendly fight on the tennis court of Burj Al Arab(Dubai) in preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s open.

Nokia ATM

How To Get A Life

In this days a lot of people are addicted to computers, internet, games, and specialy for them I have a funny guide "How to get a life".

Here’s How:
Let go of the mouse.Yes let go now.

Turn off the computer.

Play a game of solitaire with a real deck of cards.

Eat something other than taco chips.

Fart without recording it and putting it up your Web page.

Get some sleep in bed rather than on your keyboard.

Next time you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, don’t tell everyone on your ICQ list about it.

Open a window without turning your computer back on (yes, it is possible).

Very gradually expose your eyes to increasingly bright light so as to avoid damage or permanent sun blindness.

When you feel prepared for a massive dose of non-CRT radiation, put on welding goggles and go outside.

If you see someone, say “Hi” to them instead of trying to make the modem connect sound.

Visit a friend that you haven’t spoken to in years because they don’t have an email address.

Have “.com” officially removed from behind your name.

Go on a date with someone you didn’t meet in a chat room.

Now you know you did something WRONG !

Opsss !!!

Now you know you did something WRONG !

Get a girlfriend - AXE

A new fun ad from AXE.This new ad tryes to make a change, a change in this maniacs lifes.Now you've got the message ... GET A GIRLFRIEND fassstt.

Get a girlfriend - AXE

Jan Von Holleben

Today i've found on the internet Jan Von Holleben photo work.I like his work, and he is really creative.Take a look at a few pictures made by him.

More at his website. Jan Von Holleben

Window Cleaner Fun Ad

These images were printed on the glass doors of supermarkets, gyms and airports to promote ICU, a brand of Glass & Window Cleaner. Agency: TBWA/Hunt/ Lascaris, South Africa.

Window Cleaner Fun Ad

A Wilkinson Shave!

Yes, this campaign by JWT, Paris won a Silver Lion in the Outdoor Category. I like the fact that these ads look funny and also deliver the message of how precise the razor is. I wonder if anybody wants to co-ordinate their facial hair with their clothes though!

A Wilkinson Shave!

Kill Bill Elevator

Kill Bill Elevator

Jontex from Brazil

Looks like floor graphics in loos across the planet could be the next big thing in advertising! Here's a guerilla effort by McCann Erickson, Spain for Jonex (a brand of condoms from Johnson & Johnson). The headline reads “you do not know when it can be necessary”. This is really interesting!

Inlingua in Type!

A really brilliant campaign for Inlingua, a language school. The campaign was done by Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur. The typography here is probably the coolet that I have seen.