Nov 7, 2006

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Rapist Search. This news guy is about to be in some big trouble.

Skeletron Bike

Did you ever wanted to have something unique, and eye catching ?!

I'm sure that 99% of the answers will be YES.For those who want that thing here is a bike that can catch all eyes.I never ever saw a bike like this before, and I think that this bike is so complete.If you take a look you will see that this skeletron is in perfect harmony with the bike.So what do you say about this ?

What does the color of your car say about you?

Today, it is believed that the color of your car speaks volumes about your personality and driving habits. Color is a powerful means of setting emotion, which is the real driving force behind decision making.Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. This is known as chromodynamics.Every country, culture, has different representations for color but there are a number of reactions to color which seem to be noted in most persons, even members of the same culture from different age groups can act differently, because we are people, and not robots.

But, is it the same with the color you chose for your car?

The color of the car has always played an important role in a customer’s choice. So, it’s not weird that there are so many types of the same color today, and that the name ‘blue’ or ‘green’ just isn’t enough. Even the basic nuance of the same color can often differ between manufacturers.

So let's find something about cars and their colors.

Red cars denote those who are full of zest, energy and drive, brave, ambitious and impatient characters, who also think, move and talk quickly. The color red is a synonym for sex, speed, thoroughness and dynamism.

Yellow cars describe someone who is idealistic and novelty loving, and who is also intelligent and warm.

Green cars indicate someone who is careful and unsociable, but also has hysterical tendencies.

Blue cars are chosen by the imaginative, loyal, and trustworthy people.

Pink cars are chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate drivers. Pink represents creativity and individuality.

Black cars are chosen by stubborn, disciplined people, who like classic cars and elegance. They are not easy to manipulate.

Cool Aquarium

This post is dedicated to all those who loves fishes.If you have a fish, or you are about to buy one this post is a possible source of inspiration for you, and your fish.When a fish is in an aquarium is like a man in prison.To little space.You fish needs a little freedom, and what you are about to see can improve his freedom.This man decided to improve his fishes space by adding a tube so his fishes can swim all over his house.At the end of the tube is a normal aquarium.This idea is quite interesting because is fun to watch your fishes swimming all over your house.They deserve something like that, it will make them feel more free, and more happy watching you all the time.

9 signs that you drank to much

If you have planed a party soon, you might want to see this pictures.It could be useful for inspiration, and also self awareness.Drink with measure, and take care who might make you a little surprise when you wake up after a hard night.And also if you want to have fun this pictures provide you fun things you can do with those who love high quantities of alcohol.

How to become an expert

I'm sure that everybody want to become an expert in their field, but you know what are the steps to achieve this status ? I know that you need a lot of practice, and experience in your field.A better explanation of how to become an expert is described in this diagram that I founded today via Creating Passionate Users.

From a life of nails

This topic is the pure example that art can be made from anything.So with just one nail, or two this talented photographer did an amazing work, and I'm sure that anyone understand what he wanted to say with this pictures, because the message is clear and simple.Think about this ...just a bended nail and a digital camera, and the result is beautiful.

Stripping At The Laundromat

What could happen what a super hot girl come to a laundromat and start stripping, and there are just men.A funny hidden camera video. [ via ]

Moscow Traffic is just crazy

If you love to ride your car then this city is not for you.Is about Moscow.From my perspective I think going out with your car is a total madness, that's because I live in a small city where you'll never see something like this.The situation on road like on this pictures was without any difference during all the day- both in the daytime and late at night.

Smallest Horse World Record

At 17 inches tall, Thumbelina has just been officially recognized as the world's smallest horse.The five-year-old received the title from the Guinness Book of Records after her astonished owners realized she was never going to grow any bigger.

She was born on a farm in America to a couple who specialize in breeding miniature horses.Thumbelina's extraordinary size has been put down to dwarfism, which makes her a miniature of a miniature.

The Goessling family have bred miniature horses for the past 15 years on Goessling's Goose Creek Farm in St Louis, and these usually stand at 34 inches at the withers - the ridge between the two shoulder blades.

But the owners of the mini horse began to realize they may have bred a record-breaker when she stopped growing after a year.

Her owners have plenty of cute stories–”When she was young she found the dog kennels and decided she wanted to bed-in with the dogs, rather than with bigger horses”–about her.

Thumbelina has a website, and you can check it if you want - here.

HDR Images + How to create them

So what do you think about this photos ? Beautiful isn't it ? First time when I saw them I didn't know exactly what they are, pictures or drawings.After some research on the web I've found that what they truly are, HDR images.You might ask yourself "What the hell is HDR" ? So to spare your time I'll show you there what HDR images are.

HDRI = High Dynamic Range Imaging

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures (i.e a large difference between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows.

HDRI was originally developed for use with purely computer-generated images. Later, methods were developed to produce a HDR image from a set of photos taken with a range of exposures. With the rising popularity of digital cameras and easy to use desktop software, many amateur photographers have used HDRI methods to create photos of scenes with a high dynamic range. However, HDRI has many other applications and "HDRI" should not be mistaken for just this use.

If you want to learn how to create HDRI images I've have some tutorials for you : Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Tutorial 3.