Mar 6, 2008

Outdoor Advertising: Smoking Causes Blindness

This Billboard Is A Sign From God

Billboard Made of Bottles for Carlsberg

Hey Mom,watch me pull his tail

Hey Mom..can we watch the lions rip the guts out of the giraffe.

Iraq sucks...ok ! (Thanks for the memories Tony)

Helpful hints...Don't swim in the oil spill

We regret there may be a small delay before we can respond to your call..

Something you know will never happen

Africa is not a great place to have a heart attack....the "Rapid Response Unit" needs some fine tuning....

Rubik? Rubik? Who's this damn rubik....sure aint from Texas

Let me get your file....I'll call you back as soon as I find your papers,ok?

Tickets please..all tickets please......oh forget it !!

She liked to get out in the garden...the sunshine and fresh air eased her asthma

Amusing UFO grafitti using a trick of light


Have you See these Red Peppers?

Like what?

Zastava The World Worst Car

Formula Toothcare: "Builds Strong Teeth"

Funny shoes

House Of Bottles

This house is made of 10.500 bottles. The house is located in Uzice. It has two floors and it`s all made of bottles. This house is 100 m2 big and have a cellar.

Funny Advertising

Wedding Photo

Wedding PhotoThe most beautiful day in your life...

Crazy wall painting!

Animal Couples