Nov 22, 2006

World’s Biggest Chocolate Egg

"The Egg"

After it was done it was hardly eatable because it was made outside. It was made out of 50000 bars.


Cool Looking European Police Cars

Italian Police

German Police

Netherlands Police

Buildings with letter shapes

Have you ever imagined buildings that look like letters when viewed from above ? For example a houses with Y, H, K, J ... form ? But what about writing your own name with this letters ? Now you can with geoGreeting.Just type in your name and you'll instantly see it spelled with "building letters".This buildings with letter shapes really exist.You can find where every "letter building" is situated just by putting your mouse cursor on it.

It's fun .. try with your own name.

Roads can be funny

People can find fun everywhere.I'm sure I can find fun things, and facts in everything.Like this pictures.I never thought that someone can do something like this.

In this picture I think is a competition between this two towns, or the mayor did his job just till the perfect edge.

When you work at roads all the time I'm sure that you get bored just drawing white lines, and some bored workers had some fun.

I don't know if this picture is Photoshoped or not, but if is real is sooo wired.

When a redneck wins the lottery

Redneck limo

Aram Bartholl’s Giant Google Maps Marker.

I suppose it was only time before someone, like Aram Bartholl, make a giant Google Maps marker as an art project: Link