Nov 18, 2006

A Voyager Pro for Every Pro Traveler

Here's my latest acquisition: the Bat Voyager Pro. This beauty on the photo is a fine gadget from Ritlabs (it's also available in stylish black color); and yes, it's the same Ritlabs that created my favorite mail client program The Bat!.

There are many questions connected with traveling, computer and Internet access, mail checking and security, but the answer is one and I've found out what it is: it’s the Voyager PRO.

I'd really like you to be aware of this fine piece of technology and style, because you will have such days, when you're away from your computer and you need to check your mail and it's something really important. And what if there is not only one mail to check and there are to many passwords and logins to remember?

Bathing with Polar Bears

New kind of Entertainment..Bathing with the Polar Bears..

Toast Printer

The toast printer in action

Following the “can’t belive they’ve invented it”… Theres a gizmo called Zuse toaster that can print whatever image you like on your toasts.

Ridiculous Infomercial Review.

Ridiculous Informercial Review does not review products - instead, it features the silly late-night infomercials themselves!


Foxford Woollen Mills - I am a local tourist

Foxford Woollen Mills

Foxford Woollen Mills

If you like you can continue reading my little story about this tourist attraction here in my neighborhood.


Russian Cemetery

They still remember there dead ones.

Mini Rhinoceros

Mini Rhinoceros living in a house.

Good Times

When I Was Young


Heifer Intl: Give the Gift of … Livestock!

Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime. So, how about if you give a man a cow? Sheep? Bees? Or other farm animals?

That, in fact, is the premise of Heifer International. This charitable organization provides livestock (and training) to small-scale farmers and communities worldwide.

The Liberal Avenger is organizing a drive to buy an "Ark":

So - between LA and some activities my family and friends are engaging in here locally, we are collecting money to donate en masse to Heifer International. The gift we’re shooting for is called the “Ark” which at $5000 buys cows, oxen, beehives, sheep, water buffalo, goats, camels, llamas, donkeys, ducks, guinea pigs, pork-pigs, rabbits, geese and chickens for poor rural people around the world - including Appalachian regions in the United States.

Ventilation is important