Nov 20, 2006

Finally a chart that makes sense


Home Made Spy Submarine

This submarine was built in Russia by Mikhail Puchkov and its first floating nearly ended in getting its owner into the prison. But instead of sending him to prison they sent him to ship building institute after seeing his ship building talent.
The length of submarine is only meter, but in the above-water position boat can cover a distance, let us say, from Petersburg to Helsinki and vice versa.

SEMA Car Show In Las Vegas

SEMA, Four days in Las Vegas and 2 million square feet of shiny objects. For more SEMA Car Shows visit Jalopnik.

Lightnings Pictures

What do you do when you see dark clouds coming angry to your town ? Soon the rain will come with those clouds, and ofcourse you don't want to get wet and try to hide somewhere.But not all people are the same.For example this photographer planned this day very careful to get this pictures, and he did a great work.I'm not sure if this pictures are 100% made in nature, or have a little photoshop included, but anyway .. great work.