Nov 13, 2006

Fish frenzy

Talk about overcrowding….

Two Tallest Women In The World

Sandy Allen from Shelbyville, IN (USA) who stood at 7'7 1/4" (2.32 m)

Explorer Of The Seas

Operator: Royal Caribbean Int
Capacity (double occupancy): 3,114
Full Capacity: 3,840
Space Ratio: 44.1 / 35.8
Gross Tonnage: 137,308 gt
Length: 1,021 ft. / 311 m

Marginally larger than her sister ships and thus the largest passenger liner ever built until the QM2 and the new Freedom class Royal Caribbean ships, this 137,308 gt giant is truly a floating city. Rock climbing, ice skating, minigolf and inline skating; all this - and much more - is featured aboard this spectacular megaliner. Explorer of the Seas now sails to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Miami, year-round.

Keyboard Cufflinks

These cufflinks are sure to sell out at Microsoft's headquarters quicker than freshly-baked croissants. See, the geeky goodies are hand-made from keyboard keys.You can choose your selection of keys. There's escape/pause break, end/escape or delete/end - you get the drift.
They're available over at Acorn Studios for around £8 a pair.Take a look at their website, because if you like geeky accessories, they have a lot of them.

Pac Man & Ghost Jewelery

Two months ago I've found on the internet those crazy Sexual Ornaments very funny.Now I found some new fun jewelery.Pac-man and Ghost rings.I'm sure that this is a perfect gift for someone who played once Pac Man. Also available in the collection are a variety of other pac-man inspired jewels including neckaces and earrings. Prices range from $60 to $150 and pieces are available in sterling silver or gold plate.They also have other interesting jewelerys, you can take a look.



"Truth is Constant," the Periodic Table of Elements of Kansas.

Found at the reDiscovery Institute, a tongue-in-cheek spoof of Discovery Institute (which espouses Intelligent Design [wiki]).

Blood pressure regulating gadget

There are many gadgets that have been created just for fun and have no actual use. Generally gadgets are made for this purpose but there are some examples of them that can be useful. Some of them can actually save your life.

Hard to believe? This is true; the new massager will help you if you really have troubles with blood pressure. This gadget is actually a very useful medical tool that will help you stay healthier and live a better life.

You would ask how it can do that. The answer is easy; if you have high blood pressure this massager will lower and normalize it. It is the best device that will help you to get rid of hypertension in a few weeks.

It will not only lower your blood pressure if it is too high it will also normalize your blood pressure if it is too low and you will be pleased by the effect.

Tallest Men In The World

Two tallest men in the world. One lives in Mongolia and his height is 236.1 cm and he is the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The other one is a Ukrainian and he height is 253 cm but not yet registered by Guinness books.

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