Nov 16, 2006

Uranium Glassware.

Radioactivity? What radioactivity? Before scientists understand the dangers of radioactivity, uranium was used to color glasswares glassware!

Uranium was first used to color glass in the 1830s and it has continued to be used for this purpose with the exception of a fifteen year (or so) period beginning in World War II. Prior to World War II, natural uranium was used, but when Vaseline glass production resumed in 1959, the switch was made to depleted uranium (DU). All of the items shown here contain natural uranium except the tube on the right which contains depleted uranium. At present (2004), a few companies in the U.S. are still making Vaseline glass (e.g., Boyd Crystal Art Glass, Mosser, Summit Glass and Fenton Glass), but it is exclusively of the decorative variety. No dinnerware is being made.

Buckley et al (1980) estimated that there were at least 4,160,000 pieces of decorative uranium glass produced in the US between 1958 and 1978 and 15,000 drinking glasses from 1968 to 1972.





Cozy 1 room efficiency

1 Bedroom – 1 Outside bathroom

Compact (everything within reach)

Great view

Low ceilings

Energy efficient

Air Conditioned

Turtle2 (Small)

One owner

Low mileage

Cruise Control

Security/Storm shutters

Decorative roof needs minor repair

Vacant (Previous tenant moved on)

Immediate Occupancy

Don’t be shy. Shell out some cash and snap up this mobile home before it slips away. Call 1–800–SNAPPER



I need one of thes

Video Game Character Tattoos

Interesting Computer Gaming Character Tattos.

Cooking on the edge.


Some people (myself included) think the edge of the brownie is the best part. You can have more edge with the Baker’s Edge, a pan that gives all your brownies an edge! I believe it should reduce baking time, also. Link

Water Drops Art

About 70 percent of the planet is covered in ocean, and the average depth of the ocean is several thousand feet (about 1,000 meters).Water is something we need everyday for survival.Other people use water in other purposes, for example art.I never thought at this method to create art.I never thought that you can create art with water drops, until I saw this pictures.Take a look, and convince yourself.

Funny Remote Controlled Sumo wrestlers

Wanna wrestle ? Hmmm ..I think is quite hard because everything from where and how you live, to what you eat, to what you wear, to what you do all day is dictated by your sport and tradition.But here is the solution.Take a look at these inflatable remote controlled Sumo wrestlers.

This looks like real fun. Each Sumo is 13 inch tall and is controlled by a two button controller. One button moves forward and one backward.You can buy them for 44,99$ fro
m here.

Cheap Car Security Sistem

So you got a new car.This car now needs some protection.If you don't want to spend to much money on an alarm system, you can be creative, and try something like this guy, a camouflage car system.