Feb 22, 2007

Fire = Water

Some beautiful pictures where the fire is replaced by water.Great source of inspiration.

Shower Gadget

So ... what do you think about this "gadget" ? I think is an original gift idea.Squeeze the boob to release the gel... Having a shower has never been so much fun.If you are a man you will love to wash more often, but I hope you will not was a fortune on shower gel.Use them just for shower, I know that when you see something like this you can come up with a lot of ideas.

Rock & Rule

Out Road Rally

Passive Smoking Ad

Breathing other people's smoke is called passive, involuntary or second‑hand smoking. The non-smoker breathes "sidestream" smoke from the burning tip of the cigarette and "mainstream" smoke that has been inhaled and then exhaled by the smoker.The message of this ads is clear: passive smoking kills.I hate smoking and the smoke in general, and this ad shows that not only smokers are affected by their cigars, but also the people who live near them.Please STOP Smoking.

Police and Ambulance Accident

Everyday the world are hundreds or maybe thousands of accidents, but an accident like this is something you don't see to often.

Hummer vs School Buss

Hummers are cars made to be strong, because they where build first time for military and government.Now anybody who can afford one, can have one.As I've said Hummers are strong cars, when you are in a Hummer you feel like in a tank when you look at other smaller cars drivers, but watch out the School Buss is harder than your Hummer.

Toilet Paper Theifs

To prevent the toilet paper stealer's you must do something ...

Did you saw a drunk mouse ?

When I was little I remember at a party we've put salami into alcohol, and all those salami slices we given to a dog, and finally he were drunk.Now you can see a mouse who love vodka.Now he is sleeping, please don't disturb.

Park the car carefully

One important lesson you must learn when you have a car is to take care where you park the car.I've learned this lesson from my father.From this pictures you should learn that you can't park your car anywhere, especially when you have an expensive car.So in conclusion ... don't park you car in places where something can fall down and damage your car.I think this Porche car owner is very mad ..

Is he drunk ?

Bikini Girl Making Photos

She deserve to appear in pictures rather than making pictures.Any way this girl in bikini with a beautiful hair saw something that she wanted to picture.Meantime someone had a great picture with her.