Jul 21, 2006

Mainboard city

I think this city, how I call it "MainBoard City" is very intresting.Maybe soon we will see motherboards design, vilages on motherboards, houses, cars, or anything else, who knows.

Break up

How to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend ? This may be a good idea but also the person may consider that you are so original. :)

House moving

When I saw for the first time this pictures I said "What ? How can this be posibile ?", but after a short research I've found that house moving is really posibile.

1.When you move you'll have the same house but another adress.
2.You can say to your friend that you can come with your house to him.

Some music in this car

I like this car, specialy the sound sistem.But this is not a car, this is a mobile disco club.

Stupid stuff to do : Jumping in Mud

We live in a society where stress is a big problem.Sometime I also feel stressed.People try to kill this state doing all kind of fun activityes.This people found something really intresting and funny.Just imagine you and some friends of you playing this game : "Jumping in Mud"

The new toy

We all know that cats are addicted to play with something.From the old mouse the cats are now at a ligher level.Take a look at the new toy ..

How to : Make Ice Shot Glasses

1. Fill a large plastic/paper cup partially with water. Put a small cup with water inside the large one. Press down until both cups are flush at the same level, adjust the water level accordingly. Place a strip of duct tape accross the top of the two cups to hold the small one in place and freeze.

2. After the contents are frozen, remove the small cup from the large cup. Cups with a waxy finish should pull right out with very little effort.

3. Run the cup under very warm water (not too hot or it might crack)

4. Remove your new ice shot glass from the cup

5. Completed!

6. Gatorade make for some pretty cool shot glasses as well.

Hot Dog Competition 2006 Winner Broke World Record

Takeru Kobayashi, 27 sets a new record of 53 3/4 hot dogs in 12 mins. His previous record was 53 1/2 hot dogs at the same competition two years ago. The competition was held on Coney Island. His strongest competition was Joey Chestnut who set an American record by eating 50 hot dogs during a qualifying tournament in Las Vegas. Chestnut came in a near 52 hotdogs.

Are you feeling sick ?

Here are some cute tablets highly prescribed by the doctor. Take it after every hour...

The Submarine

First look at this picture, and now imagine how would you react if you where there ? When I saw this picture I just come closer to the monitor to see the image more clearly, and I laugh.Is just amazing, a submarine so close to the beach.

Addicted to computer

Those who work at home on own computer, are spending lagery time in front of the monitor. Sometimes in the front of the PC are eating their meals, so to resume with the work. However, sometimes there is not space to land the food. Because of that, some people has made this nice tray...