Oct 10, 2006

Casino secrets to make you bet more

This year I've meet some new people, and some of them were gamblers, and they showed me how they spend their time.And ofcourse I end up in casinos.After some time they get me into this world, and at first I was very addicted to gambling, untill I lost some money and stoped.Now I gamble for fun from time to time, and play poker, because poker is not just about gambling, is more that that.
Today doing my daily surfing on the internet I've found this very intresting article that explains how, and what casinos do to make people bet more and more.It’s no wonder some people don’t know when to stop.Nothing is left to chance with the decor and ambiance of a casino, where everything is designed to encourage gamblers to stay and spend. So what are the tricks ?

1) There are no windows. Gamblers have no idea whether it’s light or dark or sunny or rainy outside.

3) There’s intentionally poor navigation. They are built like mazes meaning it’s usually tough to find a way out.

11) There are players cards which get frequent gamblers free nights, food, and room upgrades.

Elevator Floor Illusion

Before entering in this elevator I'm sure that most of us will check twice if the floor is real or there is an empty space.Just for fun those who created this elevator illusion added a sign at the entrance cautions the people that goes in about work in progress.Now just imagine a man who got late at work because of traffic, and he got a meeting at 20 floor, and the fastest way is to jump as fast as he can in the elevator.Now imagine this. :)

Find your perfect match

NZDating is a New Zealand internet dating site, which used busbacks to illustrate the fleeting nature of finding ‘your perfect match’. The bus routes were on a loop, so the message became clear whenever the buses were in close proximity to each other

Hubba Bubba Ad Campaign

Winner of the Luerzers Archive Student Award, Winner of the Clio Student Award and several other awards a few years ago. This campaign for Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum by the students of the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Europe is still as fresh and relevant even today.

MADD Guerilla Posters!

Guerilla posters for MADD (Mothers Against Drunken Driving) created by Calder Bateman Communications, Edmonton.

I'll take this Heineken

This street ad for Heineken is very cool and original.When you look for the first time at this ad you may not see what is all about, but press on this imagine and she will enlarge.Now take a closer look at the image.Now you see the hand coming to take the bottle ? :)

Hopi Hari Rollercoaster

This is one great way to use a moving staircase as a medium ! Hopi Hari is an amusement park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hopi Hari hired the QG Propaganda agency to create a promotion for their rollercoasters. The park is owned by Grand Prix Enterprises and it is one of the biggest theme parks of Brazil.

Barbecue tools

Ketchup ads

How developers fix bugs!

Peugeot new concept car

Credits to Car Body Design

Guerrilla World Water Day

For World Water Day, more than 500 of these Green Belgium stickers were stuck in washbasins in cinemas, pubs, restaurants, public toilets, universities and stations in nine Belgian cities and in Mexico City (where the 2006 World Water Forum was held).




The campaign is an idea of Duval Guillaume Antwerp.