Oct 27, 2006

Halloween: Star Wars Paper Masks

For Halloween

Too bad they are just in kid sizes, but I am wondering if you could change the resolution without loosing too much quality.


Geniol Fireplace

Geniol Fireplace Edition - Majestic light
Here’s a really cool fireplace that you just can buy and set on fire. The unique thing with the Geniol Fireplace is that you can use it indoors everywhere - the fuel paste can be burnt without a chimney or any other smoke extractor. It’s designed by Wolf Udo Wagner and is made out of brushed stainless steel and Schott borosilicate glass.

Geniol Fireplace Edition - Majestic light [pid.se]

The keyboard organizer

Keyboard organizer

A few months ago I published an article about the weirdest keyboards ever. Since then I’ve got quite a few keyboard press releases. None of them have been really interesting, but today I got a mail about this really cool keyboard called the ‘Keyboard organizer‘. Check it out, it’s brilliant!

Keyboard organizer [keyboardorganizer.com]

50″ wireless TV from Samsung

Samsung HD PDP TV

Samsung have introduced a brand new television set called SPD-50P7HDT. The model will be available for around $5000 in Korea. The cool thing about this one is that it features a solution so you don’t need to plug in any cables on the back of the TV. If it’s really wireless, or if you have to plug the devices into the TV stand somewhere is still an open question.

Samsung’s wireless HD PDP TV [akihabaranews.com]

Bingo - the watch

Bingo - the watch

Bingo is the new watch from the Japanese watch designer EleeNo. It features a black face with sixteen markers, reading the time is as easy as checking a winning number on a bingo card.

CAPSoff - remove Caps lock


CAPSoff is a campaign from a guy called Pieter Hintjens. His goal with the campaign is to get rid of the Caps lock key on all keyboards.

“I’ve launched a campaign to rid the world of the caps lock key. Sure, there are more serious problems to solve but please, think of the children! How am I going to explain to my kids why some of the most valuable keyboard real estate is squatted by a large, useless key that above all you must not press! Our campaign mission is simple: to send a message to the computer industry to force it (by any means necessary) to retire the CAPS key. It’s going to be a hard, long, and possibly very embarassing war on uppercase, but some things just need to be done.”

CAPSoff [capsoff.blogspot.com]

Giant Tricycle

Intresting tricycle, home made from all kind of cars parts, I don't think that this tricycle is legal.

Bridge Boat

Bridge Boat

When I saw this boat for the first time I looked close to figure out what really is.I thought that this is a SF boat, or builded with some kind of computer program, but this is a real boat.A boat that is used as a mobile bridge to cross rivers.Did you saw a boat like this before ?

Cave Hotel In Turkey

Cool looking cave hotel in Turkey made entirely in natural caves.

Sea Of Blood

Severe Hunting of Whales in Iceland.

Excellent Finish

The winner of the Chicago Marathon Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot spent night in a Chicago hospital bed. Yesterday during finish the runner slipped on a covering finishing line and fell down. Hit hard on head, Robert laid down some minutes on place of falling and eventually left the place of competition in a strecher. According to doctors the sportsman does not remember the moment of falling and the first that Robert has asked, during first aid was whether he has won the marathon?

Photoshop fun

Photoshop is a program used by designers to edit pictures.This is a short definiton of this program for those who don't know what Photoshop is.And here you have some examples of images edited with Photoshop. :) Have fun.