Aug 27, 2006

Key Card Alarm with Time Stamp

Makes husband and wife controlling easy.... for all who are into those weird roll playing games.

Sometimes toys can work almost as good as the real thing. Take this Key Card Alarm w/ Time Stamp Set. It comes with two identical key cards (to circumvent the alarm or view the time stamps), a digital time readout (in 24 hour format), an alarm unit and a sensor (can be up to .25" apart), and all the installation hardware you need (i.e. hook and loop tape). The Key Card Alarm stores time stamps of the last four times security was breached. Like professional alarms, if the two pieces are separated, an annoying klaxon will sound. But this alarm has a stealth mode: you can silence the alarm and just collect the time stamp.


CL Sound Machine - For Audio and Wine addicts.

I just have to say cheers - This machine is a grammophone, iPod connector and has storage for 12 wine bottles.

Comes in black and white, of course.

Shocking arm wrestling

Shocking Arm Wrestling
If you think ordinary arm wrestling is lame, you should check out this product called ‘Shocking arm wrestling. It’s basically two sets of elbow pads and gloves that will deliver a electric shock to the looser.

Shocking Arm Wrestling []

Flying Egg Alarm Clock

blowfly 1bblowfly 2b.jpg
Check out this cool alarm clock. There is one thing what makes me nervous. Where does this Mosquito-Egg fly when it can not wake me up (for example drunk sleep)? On my head? Or back on top of the alarm clock?

Under the theme „experience“, Blowfly is a design concept, which transfers the experience „beeing woken up by a mosquito at night“ into an alarm clock.

The project has been derived from the following experiences:
-Many sleepers go on sleeping after having switched off the alarm clock.
-Sometimes when we sleep, we get akwake, because of a mosquito that flies around us. its catching requires movement and concentration that prevents you from sleeping.


Al Magnus Photography and Photographic Creations

Al Magnus Photography and Photographic Creations

I think it’s an invitation to dream, to reach poetry
where each detail holds its own meaning,
each element its usefulness, every scene tells a story.

Who’s the person who’s never dreamed
of lying on fluffy clouds or frolicking among the stars?
Those are a child’s simple emotions somehow
reduced within the constraint of traditional photography.
I’ve yearned to bring those yet again to the fore in absolute simplicity.

When my children came into my playground,
it became obvious I had to put them in the frame.
Their apparent naivity, added to their spontaneity,
allow to make believe in reality for a brief magic instant.

To Read More About Al Magnus Photography and Photographic Creations Click Here.

Pitgreen - Micro Golfing


No matter where - in the office, on the coffee table or at the bar; by yourself or in a tournament - PIT GREEN functions everywhere, and lets you release your passion for golf and design in many ways.


Foto von Eris23's

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Horsey why do you look so sad?

This is the next exquisit x-mas present after Bambi in a bottle. Yeah son, you got what you whished ... a rocking horse! Here it is ... UAAAAHHHH!

This is a full-sized, authentic stuffed horse. Real animal hair, hooves, mane, tail. Stuffed in a very unusual position. Measures approximately 60" x 36" x 75" Free standing, doesn't need pedestal. Old style taxidermy, not done anymore. Highly unusual prop for stage or theatre, wonderful gift for horse-lover, conversation piece for living room, unique and rare. Chestnut color, black mane and tail. Front right leg is missing, approximately 3". Some tears in skin - approximately 5-10, no longer than 1". Two tears in back, approx. 8". More pictures on request.

What happened to it's ears?


Foot Fetish? Cure it now


From the auction:

Yes, this auction is for a really unusual very large foot with red painted toe nails and a toe ring. The hull of the foot is fiberglass on a steel frame with a rubbery latex exterior that is soft like skin in the sun light. You can see veins on the foot also in sun!

There is a steel ladder inside of the foot where you can go down inside of it. There is a large lever that you can make the big toe move and there are small round wheels on springs hooked to the frame. With a little work this foot could be mounted on a small tractor or lawn mower. Now it is tied down on the trailer and ready for transport. What a great parade float this would make for a podiatrist! Also would be great for a shoe company for a display.

You could have your advertisement painted on it for your business or place it at your business. Could be used in a theme park, stage sets, theaters and what a great store display! All kinds of possibilities for this very unusual item. Foot measures 16' 6" Long, 8' 2" Tall and 6' 6" wide across back of the foot. The trailer is a 20 foot 2 axle pintle hitch trailer with tongue jack and lights. Trailer measures 8' Wide and 20' Long. We pulled this foot on this trailer around our town one day and you have never seen the reaction we got.

People were taking pictures with their cell phones and waving and questions at the red lights! We stopped at a local resturant and people stopped and had their kids and parents on the foot taking pictures.

Link to auction

Skin Gun - Nothing for weak stomachs


In 2004, Dutch artist Joanneke Meester had an 8-inch-long piece of her skin surgically removed so she can use it to cover a gun-shaped plastic and fiber mold. Voilà - a skin gun.


Forgotten Wallets

"Forgotten" wallets were left aroun the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Inside was a sticker saying " You found the wallet, Now find what to put inside of it: Read Caderno de Economia do Estadão"

Free downloadable Camera


Why buying a fancy digital camera, when you can have this:

A Free Pinhole Camera

A pinhole is a camera that uses a very small hole, as if made by a pin instead of a lens, for light to enter and form an image on the film or other light-sensitive medium.

  • # Download your camera (PDF Brochure)
    # Download your camera (Zip File)
    # Watch the animated guide in 3D
    that help you through the building process
  • You can use a PAN film from Ilford or Neopan 100 from Fuji.
    You can also use any 35 mm film.