Aug 22, 2006

The Floating Magnetic Bed


Designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars came up with the idea of that 900 Kilo heavy floating bed, which will cost 1,200,000 Euro. In 2006 he created a scale down working model!

Link in Dutch, Link translated by Babel in English

Z.Island - The Space Kitchen by Zaha Hadid

z. island

Honestly, would you ever use this kitchen just to heat up some Spaghettios?

The project meets a variety of conventional and innovative functional kitchen needs, including: multimedia equipment, sound actuators and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) within a flowing shell of Corian® enabling users to surf the internet, listen to music or create a particular ambience by means of a centralized touch-control panel.

More Images here: LINK

Sniff, sniff ... who farted?

No more fart blaming on the dog, grandma or the neighbor's hose with the Fart Detector!

Now you can use space-age technology to provide you with early warning of gaseous atacks from friends and relatives. This technologically advanced product actually detects methane gas and issue a loud warning. Perfect gift for the aromatic friend who has everything.


DIY: Grow your own Diamonds

DIY: Grow your own Diamonds


Does it mean that everyone can grow their own bling?

What: Perfect single-crystal diamonds of more than two carats (the average engagement ring is less than a carat) churned out in a day. Scientists create the gemstones using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which grows diamond crystals one carbon atom at a time.

Read more LINK,


  • But aren’t they fakes?
    No. Created stones have the same atomic structure as diamonds that form inside the earth, so they are real diamonds in every sense. They are optically, chemically and physically identical. In fact, since scientists start with seeds of the purest stone and carefully control the growing environment, they can systematically produce colorless rocks with far fewer impurities than most mined diamonds.
  • Are synthetics faster to grow?
    No one knows for sure how long it takes diamonds to form inside the earth. Geologists do know, how-ever, that it takes millions of years for the earth to trans-port them to the surface, where they can be mined.
  • Why would anyone want a synthetic?
    Man-made diamonds are cheaper and have fewer flaws than most mined diamonds. Also, some people are uncomfortable supporting companies that prop up the African warlords that control many of the diamond mines.
  • How cheap?
    Apollo is already selling near-colorless synthetics that are a quarter of a carat in size for as little as $500 (versus $750 for a mined gem), and prices of bigger stones will plummet as mass manufacturing gets underway. Engagement-ring-size colorless diamonds will be up to 30 percent cheaper than their mined equivalents.

Watch Slideshow on how to grow a Diamond.

The Fuzzel Plant - doesn't need soil, just a belly button


If you wanna grow a plant like this, just don't shower and wear heavy wool sweaters with now under shirts!

Last September I went alone on a canoe trip. On the very first day my canoe turned over in a rapid and I lost some of my equipment in the water. Fortunately, I managed to save my camping gear and my food. But I lost all my spare clothes. So I knew I would have to wear the same outfit for the rest of the trip.

Six days later, I was finally back home. The first thing I wanted to do was to change clothes and take a shower. But when I took off my sweater, to my amazement, I could see something sticking out of my belly button! I couldn’t believe it: something was growing in there!


Comic Bubble Smartphone

Those kids from are awesome - how do they come up with those great ideas?

Smartphone featuring a color touchscreen - speech balloons are brought to real life from comic strips. Oh-yeah! The smartphone adapts to your favorite comics: talks to you in your favourite character's language, updates you on new series, contains tunes, ringing tones and games based on the comics.

The tail of the balloon serves as a USB connector to interchage data between the smartphone and a computer.

It's a concept !!!!


Alarm without any sound


Set the time, place under your pillow and get woken up without waking up your stressed wife! How? It vibrates until you are awake.

The RGS Quiz is back

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Ecosphere - A bubble of life

ecosphere cool gadget Inside each EcoSphere is a model of long ago, in a time when life was beginning to form (or a model of our far future as we all live in glass bubbles in some extraterrestrial zoo). But seriously, inside you will find two forms of active micro-organisms (bright red shrimp and algae) existing in a clear "soup" of filtered sea water. Because the ecosphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance. The living resources within the EcoSphere utilize their resources without overpopulating or contaminating their environment, which means the EcoSphere requires no cleaning and only minimal care. EcoSpheres have an average life expectancy of two years. However, it is not uncommon for shrimp populations to be thriving in systems as old as 7 years. A whole world of life under your care – who said you weren’t responsible?


Self Destruction Button USB Hub


That's pretty fly looking, he? Comes with sounds and 4 hubs.


No zebra crossings

This one is a neighborhood project in England to slow down street traffic. To quote from the website, "There are no zebra crossings in all of Summertown."

This initiative is very intresting because is something that make us more aware of dangers, and kids also can learn something useful from this. [ Page Project ]

Amazing Dubai Again

Amazing Dubai Again

This city continue to amaze me every day.As you see I posted on this blog some amazing things about Dubai, like Amazing evolution of Dubai, Dubai Projects, Top 10 Tallest Building in Dubai.Now another thing from Dubai is the Air-cond Bus Stop.I know that in Dubai is really really hot, but they got the solution.Waiting for the bus in a hot day? No problem the heat can't harm you.