May 27, 2006

The Happy Graveyard

The Happy GraveyardThe Merry Cemetery (Romanian: Cimitirul Vesel) is a cemetery in the village of Săpânţa, Maramureş county, Romania that is famous for its colourful tombstones with the native paintings that represent scenes from the life of the buried persons and even poetry in which those persons are described.
The unusual feature of this cemetery is that it grows apart from most of the European cultures, that consider death something solemn. Sometimes this is put in connection with the Dacian culture, whose philosophy was based on the immortality of the soul and the belief that somebody's death was a joyful moment, as that person was getting to a better life.
The cemetery has its origin in some crosses sculpted by Ioan Patraş. In 1935, Patraş sculpted the first epitaph and since the 1960s, the whole cemetery was populated with over 800 such crosses, sculpted from oak wood, and it became an open-air museum and a tourist attraction.

Romania - Simply Surprising

Hot Lips Talking Radio

 Hot Lips Talking Radio
With this cute little radio, you won't listen to "talk radio" the same way again. A little motor inside the radio syncs the lips to whatever comes out of the speaker.

They ought to make a radio that looks like Sean Hannity's face, with moving lips. They could sell millions.

Bacteria Farm for Kids

 Bacteria Farm for Kids
If kids wanted to grow bacteria, all they'd have to do is stop brushing their teeth!

But I suppose moms wouldn't approve of that.

So, that's why they sell Bacteria Farms. It's the coolest way to experiment with bacteria. The kit includes a booklet that teaches kids the differences between good and bad bacteria, and everything they need to start growing some hazardous biologicals. Your child will become a germ genius in no time.

The kit comes with Petri dishes, swabs, and gelatin to get things growing!

See Eye-to-Eye

 See Eye-to-Eye
Sheesh! The things you don't know about because you're a guy!

I guess women with vision problems have difficulty applying eyeliner and mascara because they can't get the applicator behind their glasses. If they remove their glasses, they can't see.

That's where the "See Eye-to-Eye" product comes in. It's a "cosmetic frame" with a single lens that swings over from one eye to the other, allowing you to see out of one eye, to apply make-up on the other.

Handbags made from Used Tires

 Handbags made from Used Tires
If you're looking for something unusual to store your belongings in, but you also want to be environmentally friendly, then no look no further than the Passchal line of handbags.

Each bag is made from used tire innertubes, and then accented with colorful leather trim. Each bag is outfitted with the company's "Smartlyle" system, which activates an internal light when the bag is opened, making it easier to find stuff.

And, they have a variety of styles to choose from, even a "man bag".

With the Passchal line of used tire handbags, not only can you be different, but folks will be impressed with your sensitivity to the environment. Impressed, why? Because each bag costs between $125.00 to $160.00, that's why.

P-Mate Let's Women Pee like Men

 P-Mate Let's Women Pee like Men
All you guys out there waiting for the day when you can strike a conversation with a hot gal standing next to you at the urinal, your wait just got shorter!

P-Mate is a device allowing women to pee while standing up.

See demonstration photos.

Apparently, it's been around in Europe for awhile, and is expected to begin sales by the end of this month in Colorado, a known hot-bed for female vertical-urination.

Karen Diamond, the President of Go Your Way, the first US distributor of the P-Mate, says...
"This is a revolutionary product that has taken Europe by storm. It allows women to pee standing up, just like the boys, giving a whole new slant on equal rights for women."
For the rest of us guys still using the old "We can pee while standing up" as a way to justify our gender-superiority, it looks like we'll have to find another outlet for ego-satisfaction.

USB Beverage Warmer

USB Beverage Warmer
Addlogix's new USB beverage warmer will keep your coffee from going cold by plugging it into your computer's USB port.
The USB beverage warmer is a convenient solution to keep your beverage warm at your desk and in your car (when used with firePOD). Test has proven this handy warmer can keep beverage hot 30-minutes longer than beverage without it. The beverage warmer is a low voltage heat-pad with Velcro® fastener, keeping the beverage hot in cups, mugs and even baby bottles*.

The 5" cable keeps the desktop/dashboard clean and neat, and retractable USB extension cable is available.

Overhead Label Applicator

 Overhead Label ApplicatorIf you know someone who's addicted to fixing labels on everything and every square inch of space, here's how to take their little sticker-fetish to new heights: the Overhead Label Applicator.

Now, that special little label-lover in your life can affix those awful white annoyances in places where people would never see them, on the ceiling, overhead beams, rain gutters, palm trees, and anything else that needs to be organized.

The Overhead Label Applicator normally retails for $124.95, but it can be yours for the low price of $49.95, when you purchase at least $250.00 of labeling supplies.

Oh, and don't forget to tell your home-organizing expert about the labeling carry case. This over-the-shoulder case can carry a label-making machine along with labeling supplies, so that your label-afficionado can keep everything organized while away on vacation.

Fairy Tooth Castle

 Fairy Tooth CastleThe Fairy Tooth Castle is a sand sculpture delivered to your child by the "Tooth Fairy". When your child places a tooth under his or her pillow, you carefully pick it up at night, and then place an order with Fairy Tooth Castle.

In a few days, your child receives the sand castle along with a letter from the Tooth Fairy, explaining that the teeth are what makes the castles glitter and sparkle.

The Fairy Tooth Castle is the idea of Sarah Whitmer, who had made a practice of doing this for her grandchildren. She got so much joy listening to her grandkids describe the sandcastles and letters they got from the Tooth Fairy, that she decided to go global.

Resisting Arrest

Resisting Arrest