Feb 23, 2007

How to Capture an Anaconda

Just looking at this pictures make me scared.I don't know what to say about this people but looking at them they look like they did this thing more than once.You need a lot of courage to do something like this, or to be crazy enough to get into an anaconda nest.What do you say would you enter into an anaconda nest for 1 million dollars ?

I want to live

A mighty match is struggling to survive his contact with the box of matches ..

To many FireFox Extensions ?

An ambitious writer at the CyberNet web site installed 200 extensions to his Firefox browser, resulting in the monstrosity of toolbars (and then some) you see above.Do you think you can beat him ? :) I have 16, but my Browser is tidy , and breathable. [ Found : here ]

Auto Sofa

Did you ever saw a sofa on wheels ? Now you have the opportunity to see one.From this pictures it feels soft, but what is the purpose of this car ? To protect people when making an accident , by providing them a softer platform ? Making good sex on the outside of the car ? I don't know ...maybe you come up with new ideas.

Funny Durex Ad

This Durex Ad make me laugh.I like ads that make me laugh, and this one is very good, and very funny.Great work .. DUREX.

Fun Pictures Made by Guys

For today I've selected a set of fun pictures with original & fun ideas of pictures made by guys. Have fun !!!

Amazing Picture

The deer has filched a chair

I'm looking at this picture and I'm trying to figure out how this deer managed to get that chair.I can say that deer is quite accesorized.

Funny Pictures

A cool, bad, ugly midget ...
Oooo ...sweet outfit.
Perfect chick, perfect place .... to dream.
"High Comfort"
Everybody with his own thing ...
Just a quick dust art ...
The precious bottle ...
WTF .... he's gay ?!
Your time has come.

Terrible F1 Accident

The Most Expensive Rims

For all those who don't know what to do with so much money someone will always invent something to make them spend their money.These million dollars rims are the perfect example.I would never put something like this on my car, because I know I will be hunted and somebody will take those diamonds at the first stop.Anyway if someone plan to buy something like this I'll tell you more about this rims.Their name is Ashanti and they have 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires totaling 1,100 carats of precious stones.By buying those you will become 100% a target of many black people who love RIMS & DIAMONS. :)

Cool Fake Bags

These days a lot of fake products are on the market, and on some products is very hard to make a difference.For example .. the Louis Vuitton brand is one of them.You can see all over the place a lot of people have Louis Vuitton products.

Now Mind What You Wear created a line of fakes which are cheeky, comical and surprisingly covetable. The word 'FAKE' is sardonically silk-screened on top of knock-off Louis Vuitton bags.I think that a bag like this would be very cool.Just look at the pictures ...

Amazing Hotel Project

So ... you want to see the amazing power of architecture ? Until now this is just a project, but if this project will be finished this hotel will be a very good, and reservations will be made with months or maybe years earlier.Find out more about this project here.