Jun 11, 2006

World Jump Day


Toy design contest

The winner

Doctors create first-ever transsexual dog

Russian vet surgeons performed a unique operation on a male dog, augmenting the animal's nipples with silicon. The operation took place in one of Moscow's vet hospitals yesterday. The animal was severely injured in a fight, when one of the infuriated dogs bit its genitals through.

Doctors said that they usually put such dogs down. "We will have to castrate the dog to save it from death," a surgeon said. The surgeons decided to make the unlucky dog their first extraordinary patient: "In addition to urethrostomy, we decided to make a vagina for the dog and use a little silicon for its nipples," the specialist added. The dog is currently resting after the operation. However, the animal will still have the behavior of a male dog afterwards. However, reduced male hormones will make the dog show a lot less interest in a female.

Man moves train with right ear

A Chinese man is able to pull a train 40 metres with his right ear.

Zhang Xinquan from Dehui city, China can pull a 24 ton train 40 metres with his right ear /Lu Feng

39-year-old Zhang Xinquan, from Dehui city, Jilin province, put his right ear in an iron clamp device, locked with a long bolt.

Zhang pulled the 24 ton train 40 metres within 4 minutes after two failed attempts.

Zhang, a father of a 15, has a bigger right ear than left. "That's the result of years of practicing", he said.

He added: "I don't want others to copy my stunts, since they may get hurt", reports New Culture Papers.

Kisses! - the sexy urinal

Kisses! - the sexy urinal'Kisses!' transforms a daily event into a blushing experience! Works better than aiming at the fly! This is one target men will never miss! ;))


Tree sweater

"not sure of the story behind this one, was driving near city hall and saw this tree had been outfitted with a genuine knit sweater. knitting it is one thing but mounting the sweater on the branches had to be quite a task.
Sculpture in the Heights is an exhibition of 8 works by Ohio sculptors at a venue not traditionally associated with art: a mile-long “ring road” at Severance Towne Centre.
Tree Cozy by Carol Hummel"


Hard Driving with Hummer Trucks

I’ve always considered Hummer H1 to be one of the best off-road vehicles. Beeing derived from a military off-road vehicle, the following pictures don’t even surpize me. Nevertheless, seeing a Hummer beeing driven onto pure rocks, now that’s amazing.

Inventor of Fake Dog Testicles Wins Ig Nobel Prize

Gregg Miller mortgaged his home and maxed out his credit cards to mass produce his invention - prosthetic testicles for neutered dogs.
What started 10 years ago with an experiment on an unwitting Rottweiler named Max has turned into a thriving mail-order business. And on Thursday night Miller's efforts earned him a dubious yet strangely coveted honor: the Ig Nobel Prize for medicine.
"Considering my parents thought I was an idiot when I was a kid, this is a great honor," he said. "I wish they were alive to see it."


World's oldest condom

The oldest surviving condom in the world has gone on display in an Austrian museum.

The world's oldest condom, dating back to 1640, has gone on display at a museum in Austria /Europics

The reusable condom dates back to 1640 and is completely intact, as is its orginal users' manual, written in Latin.

The manual suggests that users immerse the condom in warm milk prior to its use to avoid diseases.

The antique, found in Lund in Sweden, is made of pig intestine and is one of 250 ancient objects related to sex on display at the Tirolean County Museum in Austria this summer.

The Pikasso

"This custom instrument was created for Pat Metheny in 1984. We worked on the design together. Featuring the my original design -the "Wedge" TM 1984"