Oct 8, 2006

I love to surf so much

Fight with a blotch

Pluto isn’t a planet anymore

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Dead but cool

Is dead. Is a pig. But is still cool

Picture with a old man

True man, perfect woman:

With car at beach.

Beer festival. Beer is so cool!


Ultimate ICECREAM in Japan

Sexy haircut salon

This haircut salon is in Poland. So please change your trip plan and visit Poland asap.

Do you feel sunny?

From Belgium a guerrilla action by Duval Guillaume for Ricard, the largest aniseed based spirit in the world. As you can guess, the concept is "Feel Sunny"...



Water or Fire ?

Water and Fire: tow opposite terms but both are vital for our life. We can make an imagination exercise and put for second water instead of fire to see how world can be.

credit: Dir. Arte: Marcelo Fedrizzi - Cliente: Amanco

Cruise at Budapest (Hungary)

What do your feet smell like?

Crazy house

This is a really crazy house. I wonder who living there...