Jun 21, 2007

Anti-advertising group fakes nuclear blast

Cloud A few months back, Ask.com pretended to hack into British airwaves as part of its much-debated Information Revolution campaign. At the time, I wondered: “What? Who hacks TV signals? Other than that guy who busted into HBO’s airing of The Falcon and the Snowman?” Well, apparently it happens. This week, a counterculture art group called Ztohoven hacked a live Czech public television broadcast. The result made it look like a nuclear bomb had exploded in Bohemia’s scenic Krkonose Mountains. (Watch the video here.) The group’s previous targets have included advertisements, which one member said “abuse our innermost desires, ideas and feelings in order to sell goods.”

Hollywood Garbage Pail Kids

Back in the dayz, everybody loved the Topps' Garbage Pail Kid trading card series. Now there's a new card in town that hits the world of "celebrities gone wild"... Hollywood Zombies!


Frankenstars in Zombiewood
Evil Celebrity Twins
Distorted Egos

More Hollywood Zombies below!...

Star Wars stroller based on the popular ATAT

Star Wars stroller

This is one of the weirdest products I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s a Star Wars stroller based on the popular ATAT from The Empire strikes back. I guess you can’t buy it since it looks a bit home made, but it’s quite cool don’t you think?

Tiger in water

Fascinated by this tree


On a recent trip to Hilo, I was fascinated by this tree, almost every leaf of which was scratched with names and memories.

Leafscratch03There was something profound about seeing all these memories (and people) brought together on a living, growing thing. So much so that I lost all interest in the nearby waterfall... obviously, so did many others!

Leafscratch02_1And as can be seen in this third photo, the record keeping spread to some other large-leafed plants.

House on a Wire


Precarious Home by Giancarlo Norese, 2007

A New Eye


A few years back, I discovered a box of false glass eyes in an antique store. Their detail – down to the smallest capillary – was near perfect. I bought one of the eyes for only a few bucks.

G_eye_02_3 For a long time, I kept it sitting around on my desk: it's craftsmanship was somehow inspiring. But the best part of my glass eye: it was perfect for playing pranks on unsuspecting friends and relatives, many of which were horrified as one of my eyes seemed to inadvertently pop forth from its socket (a favorite of my kids)!

Then, one day, the eye smashed to pieces. Shattered. I don't remember how. A sad day indeed. (I probably punched a hole through the nearest wall or something).

G_eye_03 How would I ever get another false eye? It was impossible. I was bereft. I was lost. My inspiration was gone. My pranks... shattered (sort of like my glass eye).

And just today, I discovered the answer! Occularist, Kim Erickson: he labors with the same level of dedication and craft as those occularists of old. Take a look at this amazing video journal describing his work.

Cute and Curious in Pink


The Republic of Tinselman brings your attention to this pair of extraordinary giant rabbit slippers, believed to be unearthed (somewhere) in the hottest area of Nevada. The president of the Republic is upset. He wants to know: who could possibly wear such gigantic slippers? How could such a huge being go for so long without being discovered? Where does he or she hide? And why (for god's sakes, why!) is it wearing pink bunny slippers!

Early Mickey


Ah, Mickey. That adorable, big eared mouse, with whom we've laughed and cried! Just a mouse. Just a drawing. But to us, he was human! The first animated being of his kind.

Mickey_anc_02_2 But was he original after all? It appears not! 1000 years before Mickey ever appeared in Plane Crazy, a French artist fashioned a bronze brooch that looks astonishingly like Mickey Mouse. Of course, he didn't mean to invent Mickey; he was trying to sculpt a lion but failed miserably, inadvertently stumbling upon the most famous cartoon character of all time.

Discovery Article about the brooch

Say goodbye to the smelly fridge

It's quite some time I don't post print campaigns... this time I can't avoid sharing these ads I've found on Cool0r. The agency is DDB Paris, is Brandt, a refrigerator which prevents odors to mix. I think the illustration/characters' idea is just brilliant.


he worst of the CNN/YouTube Presidential debate videos

he worst of the CNN/YouTube Presidential debate videos

BoingBoing reader Destiny Land says,

YouTube joined CNN for a bold experiment -- letting YouTube users upload questions for the 2008 candidates for President. But one week in, how's it working out?

The Washington Post rounds up the best videos they could find: Link.

...but 10 Zen Monkeys found the WORST! Link.

I loved the hard-hitting questions from the audience during the Kerry/Bush debates -- but what happens if YouTube can't deliver enough good questions? In the end, couldn't this trivialize the primary process -- and the role of "citizen video-bloggers" -- rather than expand it?

Snip from the 10ZenMonkeys post by Lou Cabron:
What if my President was selected by MySpace? It’s the nagging concern raised when young video bloggers lob questions at the Presidential candidates. In July when the Democrats gather in Charleston, they’ll find CNN has swapped in questions that were uploaded as videos to YouTube.

At least that was the hope when the CNN/YouTube “debate” was announced. Unfortunately, no one cared about the announcement (except the commenter who added “omg the youtube guy is fucking HAWTT!!!”). Nearly a week later, YouTube has barely managed to assemble more than 50 questions to choose from. And five of them are the dogs below.

Jun 1, 2007

John Lennon's Widow Tastes Dead Dog In Protest Against British Royal Family

Yoko Ono tasted a corgi kebab Tuesday night as part of a protest against the British Royal Family's treatment of animals. Controversial performance artist Mark McGowan cooked and ate the dead dog - the same breed as the queen's favorite pets - on a London radio show on which John Lennon's widow was also a guest.
Following his performance on London's 104.4 Resonance FM, McGowan said: "It's really, really disgusting. It's stinky, it's not like any meat I've seen.
"And Yoko looked a bit strange as she tried it.
"But it was provocative and exhilarating."
The pedigree dog - which died at a breeding farm two weeks ago - was cooked and served with herbs in a pita bread.
McGowan staged the stunt in protest against Britain's Prince Philip's involvement in the alleged inhumane killing of a fox during a royal shoot at Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate.
He previously said: "I'm raising awareness at the inability of the RSPCA to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends for shooting a fox this year. It was left to fight for life for five minutes then beaten to death."
A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) spokeswoman said: "If the dog's dead he's free to eat it.
"But we did look at the incident with Prince Philip and decided no offense was committed. I'd suggest Mr. McGowan try a private prosecution."
McGowan, of Peckham, South London, has previously eaten a swan during a performance art show. An old English law states that all swans belong to the queen and it is illegal to kill them.

Proof Of Dolphin Amorality

Political Dogs is reporting that dolphins were stranded off Massachusetts while trying to enter the United States apparently to obtain medical services covered under the state's universal healthcare system. The dolphins, many of them with serious medical conditions, several pregnant, were stranded near Cape Cod in what appears to have been an immigration akin to Cuban boat people. While humans have no evidence of dictators running amok within the dolphin world, it is clear that these dolphins needed significant medical attention and that they chose Massachusetts as their entry point to this country for a reason. Massachusetts only recently enacted

Mar 15, 2007

Looking for a cool new gadget?

Looking for a cool new gadget? Or a gift gadget.? Is the gift for a friend? A friend that has the same kind of goofy sense of humor that you have? A friend that will sit with you and watch a Three Stooges Marathon and laugh all the way? (We're talking Mars - not Venus - here)
Well, my friend, I have just the site for you. For cool new gadgets - for the gadget gift that keeps on giving (and sometimes ruins friendships)

Or, You Could Pick A Fight With a Stranger

Pow! An interactive boxing workout with a sci-fi theme! The Robo Boxer provides a realistic human-shaped opponent, with graphical target zones to perfect your aim. With each blow, the Robo Boxer bounces back, coming with a multi-directional response to keep you on your toes. Adjustable suspension controls the speed of rebound. Six levels of height adjustment raises target from 60" up to 70". Heavy-duty steel con-struction provides plenty of support for long-lasting use. Folds down and rolls away for easy storage. 64 x 35 x 62-70", 86 lbs. $99.99
“realistic human-shaped opponent”
I give up. I’m running away to Europe. (Thanks to Helen for the headline)

Brings Out That Animal In You On Your Wedding Night

Wolf Print Bedroom Accessories
Liven up your bedroom decor with this luxurious bed collection. It features a stunning wildlife design with magnificent wolves adorning the plush quilted comforter and shams. The coordinating bed skirt and back of the comforter have a lush, leaf-patterned print. Imported in machine-wash-and-dry polyester/cotton. The comforter has polyester fiberfill.

Death By Harfing

All-In-One Hat and Scarf will keep you toasty warm this winter. Attractive faux fur hat features an attached 4 foot long knit scarf that protects face, neck, and throat from chilly winds and cold weather. Soft, washable acrylic. One size fits all. Made inUSA. $9.98
You know what's funny about this? When you forget that you're wearing a "harf" and try to take your hat off and accidentally strangle yourself. HA! HA!

When Personalization Goes Awry

Show your true school spirit with this premier customizable class ring. A wonderful gift or keepsake, this classic oval high school class ring is easy to person-alize with a name or any 10-character text, any graduation year, a favorite activity, school mascot, colors and much more. (From Walmart)
Perfect for those who dropped out of high school or never went to college. Get one from Harvard or Yale and hit the bars!

Egg On My Face

There's never been a smarter way to eat the best meal of the day. Dual holder readies one below. Dishwasher safe glass is 4" high, 2 1/2" diameter. $1.99
Alright, I'll admit that I need help with this one. How does this work? Do you take the scalding hot egg out of the pot and try to get it under the glass on the bottom? And why would you do this? And won't the boiling hot egg on the bottom eventually ruin my vinyl tablecloth? And why not just use two next to each other?

Molly McGadget

"Butter Slicer makes 16 uniform slices to serve perfectly square butter pats, just like restaurants. Guests can easily help themselves. Dishwasher safe cutter with stainless steel wires is 7" x 2 3/4" x 7/8". Marble base not included. $6.99"
Yes, I'm sure that all restaurants use this exact same dollar-store grade gadget from Walter Drake. I like how they conveniently leave out the fact that cold, hard butter will bend this thing into oblivion. And good luck getting all those slippery, jiggly slices of butter into a neat little row (pictured) without a mess. This is more trouble than it's worth. Just use a frickin knife.

Ice Ice (Cry)Baby

Retro Ice Tapper cracks cubes with a single pat! Classic kitchen essential breaks up ice into more manageable bits for beverages, cold food trays, and for soothing ice wraps. Dishwasher safe plastic and metal is 10 1/2" long. $5.49

Or, you could:
a) use less ice
b) let them melt
c) use a hammer
d) waste some more money on a "mini" ice cube tray
e) stop being a fussy little crybaby
And, are you supposed to hold the ice cube in your hand in front of company while you whack it? That's just disgusting.

Just Stick To Coffee, Okay?

Electric Egg Cooker. Take the guesswork out of boiling or poaching eggs with this space-age-shaped countertop cooker. Cooks four hard or soft-boiled eggs, or poaches three eggs at once, alerting you when they’re done. Easy-to-set switch. Measuring cup and egg piercer included. 6"D x 5"H. $34.95

This makes me want to slap someone. Doesn't anyone want to learn how to do anything anymore? "Takes the guesswork out of boiling eggs." Ever hear of "practice" or "trial and error"? If you can't boil a frickin egg, then what does that say about you? Comes from Gevalia, of all places. Click here to laugh at them.

Feb 23, 2007

How to Capture an Anaconda

Just looking at this pictures make me scared.I don't know what to say about this people but looking at them they look like they did this thing more than once.You need a lot of courage to do something like this, or to be crazy enough to get into an anaconda nest.What do you say would you enter into an anaconda nest for 1 million dollars ?

I want to live

A mighty match is struggling to survive his contact with the box of matches ..

To many FireFox Extensions ?

An ambitious writer at the CyberNet web site installed 200 extensions to his Firefox browser, resulting in the monstrosity of toolbars (and then some) you see above.Do you think you can beat him ? :) I have 16, but my Browser is tidy , and breathable. [ Found : here ]

Auto Sofa

Did you ever saw a sofa on wheels ? Now you have the opportunity to see one.From this pictures it feels soft, but what is the purpose of this car ? To protect people when making an accident , by providing them a softer platform ? Making good sex on the outside of the car ? I don't know ...maybe you come up with new ideas.