Nov 14, 2006

Wanna wrestle in Jello?

Female_jello_wrestling_girls_03 Are you planning a jello wrestling event? If so, you've come to the right place. We specialize in a revolutionary Fun Jell Formula that will make setup easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply empty our Jello Wrestling Jello mix into a pool, add tap water and stir. Within seconds you'll have a pool filled with set jello ready for wrestling.

Not only are you purchasing gelatin that is almost instant, but it is also non-staining, non-toxic and bio degradable. Each 5 lbs. bag makes 25 gallons of Jello!

$49 per bag

Get it here

What grass?

Forbidden (Verboden.).

Jaren Goh’s ROLLERtoaster.

Singaporean designer Jaren Goh said:

… we have evolved from cumbersome cellphones to the slim and chic cellphones. Bulky set top box television to the desirable slender plasma screen. We have leaped tremendous folds in pursuing better design for these products and yet why products like the toasters have not progressed much in the past 80 years? Could we perhaps design a toaster that is sleek, compact and modern? Or perhaps new ways of toasting bread?

Crazy gamers' Computer desk

Most people now days put their computers on a simple computer table which is not very sophisticated and does not have some cool things built in. However there are people who think that their gaming zone should be appropriate.

There is a gadget table that will fit the craziest gamer in the world. Roccaforte gamers' computer table is the ultimate desk for a gamer like you. This table looks like a real gaming machine and it has space for everything for anything you would like to have attached to your computer.

First of all it has space for 3 monitors, cool huh? It is very cool because you can install all three of them and have a panoramic view. The thing with that is that you will need to get used to that. You can watch TV on one of them, surf the web on the other one, and whatever else on the third one.

Any gamers' accessory can be installed on this monster table gadget. It looks like a special cockpit of a racing car where you have everything you need at your hand.

Golf Ball remote control

Who said that golf is no fun? It is supposedly a game for old and middle aged people who want to rest and walk. Golf was never a game for a young man because it was not really fun. And do you know why?

It is because there where now remote controlled golf balls invented earlier. There is a gadget that will help you make a game of golf more fun and amusing.

Very often you loose when playing on the green and making a put because of several or even less inches. Now you can avoid this problem with a new remote control gadget for your golf ball. You can make the ball roll a few more feet with this remote and you can make it turn a little and do anything you want to it.

Of course, you will not be able to turn it around and make it roll the opposite way but it will still be cool if you help it roll into the hole. We think that golf has to be connected to pleasure and good mood. To get a good mood you need to get the ball into the hole.

Freak Show

Weird looking Freaks of Nature.

Selector Mug

Selector Mug - Cream

I love that idea.

Fed up with being asked whether it is tea or coffee, milk, sugar....Not forgetting how many! We have the answer Cream ceramic mug with stainless steel selector rings

Twist rings to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences!


Everybody take pictures

Since digital cameras appeared on market everyone love to take pictures everywhere.So let's find out what, and where people use their digital cameras.

Oooo...I'm fucked !

I feel .... HIGH !!!

Fotball combined with fatal martial arts.

Enjoying a beer ...

Upsss ...

I really want to touch this car ...

No comment.

Party !!!

So ... this is your number ?

Reflective tires from SweetskinZ

Black tires are ok, but if you want something different you should try this tires from Sweetskinz.This colorful tires are not just for design, and something to add style to your bike and your personality.Sweetskinz are a range of nocturnal tires which are light reflective at night. In fact, the entire rubber tire itself is reflective.

The Horny Chiuaua

I love toys, especially those toys that make me laugh, or are very inteligent.Today I found a toy that really deserve my attention.This toy is Humphrey the Humping Dog, a little horny Chiuaua Dog.This toy is very funny, because after you attach his front paws to any object, and give a little rub on his ear watch as this little dog barks and gyrates doggy style.Imagine attaching this toy to a friend leg, and watch his unsuspected reaction.Down here, you can see Humphrey in action. Enjoy ! Humphrey can be purchased from here.