Aug 28, 2006

Baby Face / Plughole Ashtray

Two of Monkey Business's products:



Wall hanging dummy holder. A bedside angel with luminous wings. Available in pink and blue. LINK

Plughole Ashtray
Aluminium cast + ready made plumbing parts. Available in 3 plug colours: Blue, red, green LINK

Robotic Laser Ball - Touch it!

This is really true, a laser roboter. That's what I was waiting for.

The plastic ball houses its very own little robot who's madly spinning arms are covered in LED lights which creates your very own little laser show when the Robotic Laser Ball is activated by either sound or touch!

Once activated, the Robotic Laser Ball rolls around the floor in random patterns that change in reaction to loud beats. The Laser Ball comes with its own sound or will happily dance and spin around in reaction to your own music – which quite frankly is a much better option because at least you can pick your own tunes!

The Robotic Laser Ball is a pointless but perfect addition to any party or even just zoning out listening to your own music.


He will pee your initials in the snow

Watch out, he is really going to do it ...

I will pee your initials in the snow, hopefully on Alaska’s Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley) up to 20,320 feet in elevation.

Here is the deal…

The highest bidder will get their initials peed in the snow at their bid amount in elevation. Example, if your bid is $17,399 then I will pee in the snow at 17,399 feet on Mt. Denali. I will have a picture taken of your initials peed in the snow, a picture of my altimeter, a photo looking out towards the scenery from that spot along with a copy of my climbing journal, which will mention your name and this crazy event. I may also include additional photos of the adventure, photocopies of my receipts, etc. to provide you with more proof that I actually did this.

If I actually obtain $20,320 or more and am required to do the deed at that elevation and the weather does not allow for my group to reach the summit of 20,320 feet then I will go as high as the weather safely permits and will do the deed. The group I am planning on going with usually always reaches the summit. There is also a camp elevation around 17,200 feet and I should definitely be able to reach that since I am planning around 26 days to reach the summit. So long as the weather allows and God forbid nothing wrong happens, I will be able to at least do the deed at this elevation.

There will be a minimum bid of $7,200 to get me to base camp elevation on Mt. Denali. If I do not reach a minimum of $7,200, then I will choose a place of my choice in Alaska and climb to the "bid elevation" and do the deed and provide the same information as stated above.

Time left: 3 days 11 hours
Current bid: US $15.50

Link to Auction

Wave your hand to control the light


If the ability to control something by simply waving your hand is the kind of power you're looking for, then you'll enjoy the new Mathmos Airswitch. Slowly passing your hand above the Airswitch will turn it on and moving your hand higher or lower above the Airswitch will brighten or dim the light. No more fumbling for the switch and bright enough to use as a bedside or desk lamp. The Airswitch also comes in two interesting shapes, both made from mouth blown glass. Choose either the evil scientist flask shape of the Airswitch 1 or the curvy colored Airswitch Tc. Also has these great features.

  • Move your hand above the light source to brighten/dim or turn off/on
  • Comes with A/C adapter
  • Made from glass
  • Available in two styles


Dump a bottle for the whole month


It's simply genius! The SmartDispense™ reservoir holds an entire 45-oz. bottle's worth of liquid dishwasher detergent, automatically dispensing just the right amount for every load.


Playing with Balls may result in fresh ice cream


I like one of the comments on Slashfood.... "Making your own ice cream is rather labor intensive for the results that you get, so putting it in the form of a ball that you can "play" with does have some appeal. But, really, wouldn't it just be so much easier to run out to the store for a pint of Ben & Jerry's?"

Dip into a sweet, cold bowl of homemade ice cream after a long day of hiking or on a hot day at the beach. Fill the bottom of this durable, lightweight Lexan® plastic ball with ice and rock salt, add ice cream ingredients to the top and just shake, pass or roll the ball around your campsite. In 20 minutes, scoop out about a pint of ice cream. Recipes included. Imported. Parental supervision required.


Happy Trails with Party Ice Luge


It's that easy to get really wasted - does it look cool ... depends on how drunk the people are who are watching I actually have seen a homemade version at a party just recently:

ein Bild für Sie

If you're a party hearty sort, you're going to love the Ice Luge. But before you go out and buy a tea tray and a skin-tight lycra racing suit with matching Euro-moustache, you should know that this isn't that kind of luge. No, this particular luge is purely for partying purposes.

That's right fizzy pop-pickers; the Ice Luge is a DIY version of those frozen ice sculptures you've seen at countless decadent soirees. You know, the ones where someone pours a shot of something potent into the top and it flows out the other end, nicely chilled, into a procession of waiting gobs. Silly? Yes. Puerile? Definitely. Spectacularly entertaining? Not half!

Featuring two winding 'lanes' the Ice Luge is perfect for rowdy shindigs and it's guaranteed to add a slick touch to your parties. Better still you won't need to employ the services of a professional ice sculptor to begin luging your way to a top night in.

All you do is fill the sturdy plastic mould with water and bung it in the freezer. In about 24 hours you'll have a whacking great frozen block containing two twisty-turny, undulating tunnels. Simply ease the Ice Luge out of the mould and position your frozen folly back on the up-ended tray, which, thanks to a pair of removable legs, doubles up as a stand. Your perfectly angled Ice Luge is now ready to use.

Although alcohol is the traditional shot dispensed via luge, you can use pretty much anything. Coloured tipples work particularly well as you can see 'em flowing through the ice on their inexorable journey down. Needless to say the Ice Luge will be the centre of attention at any get together, and even though it's not as elaborate as some of the luges we've seen at P Diddy's do's, it's still the coolest party accessory in town. Best of all, whatever is poured in will arrive at the other end nicely chilled. So don't dilly dally: get ordering and prepare to chill and thrill guests with an Ice Luge. Ready, steady, glug!

LINK to product page

Make a cute little gift box out of two Dollar Bills


This box made from two bills. The bills / box can be the gift itself, but it is also just about the right size for a ring box. (Perhaps a dollar-bill ring?)


New Mobile Animatronic Trash Can Robot

New Mobile Animatronic Trash Can Robot

It breaks my heart that the current owner does not want to keep Rudy... it's so cruel.

Florida Robotics trash can robot is now available for sale.

RUDY the robotic trash can is a very unique and affordable asset that entertains while helping to keep your venue clean. As a result of over 20 years experience in building both functional and promotional robots, Florida Robotics has designed and produced a rugged, walking, talking, useable trashcan, complete with a one year limited warranty.


  • fully mobile via remote control
  • Cup controller with built-in FM wireless microphone
  • Body tilt via remote control
  • Digital voice effects and pitch shifter
  • voice synchronized ear lights
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Choice of colors for dome and base
  • Rugged galvanized steel liner
  • Easy to clean and scratch resistant

For covert remote control operation, Rudy comes with Florida Robotics' own cup controller. This unique system allows the operator to "drive" the robot and speak through a wireless mic all with just one hand.

Use this unique trash can in place of standard clean up personel and entertain your customers while tidying up your restaurant!

LINK to the auction.

I also love this vintage robot...

Rare Knight Robot With Original Box 50s Masudaya Japan

Lithographed Tinplate Knight Battery remote Control, Mechanical man comes with his original box. 10.5" High made in the 1950s by masudaya toy company, Knight walks forward and Backwards by hand control function with Pin mechanism, As he walks both arms will sway with a light inside knight's helmet, His head also has turning action. ..Toy has never been played ..With In the right hand the Knight is holding the original rubber Sword..{ This Toy Is Old Store Stock from Japan } Lithographed hand control is original with battery insert also remote has the masudaya Logo along with logo on box and backside of knight . {Original box has body insert on the bottom half..The box has great color and displays well.. One rip on each side of box from being picked Up..{ See Photo } Made In Japan.

LINK to the auction

Eatalica: Wet floor sign

These Wet Floor sign boards done by 1pointsize agency were placed near Eatalica Burger Signboards with the message 'Ogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling which may in turn lead to a wet floor. Issued in your safety by the management of Eatalica Restaurant.

Caution Wet Floor